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Launch of Institute of Indic Wisdom

Launch of Institute of Indic Wisdom

INDICA is pleased to announce hiving off the Center for Consciousness Studies & Inner Transformation (CCSIT) as the ‘Institute for Indic Wisdom’ (

CCSIT was launched with the goal of distilling contemporary applications of Vedantic and Yogic wisdom for inner transformation. Over the course of 12 months, a global cohort of founders and volunteers co-evolved a unique transformational methodology and process. CCSIT also produced pathbreaking mental model innovations such as the Yogic Presence Pyradigm and the Human Field Theory, which generated global interest and acceptance for contextualized Indic Wisdom in forums such as the Global Consciousness Institute (GCI) and the International Association of Management, Spirituality, and Religion (IAMSR).

Recently, CCSIT’s Inner Presence Pyradigm has been recognized for its transformational potential in addressing the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) that could supplement UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Additionally, Indic Wisdom could make significant contributions to address the planetary polycrisis. Therefore, CCSIT is transforming into the Institute for Indic Wisdom (IIW), a Think-and-Do Tank that amplifies the global permeation of Indic Wisdom through partnerships, alliances, self-organizing networks, and eventually, an Indic Wisdom Movement.

Hari, the founder of INDICA, commented on the launch, “The idea for CCSIT was born in 2018 with a vision to launch an executive coaching program that not only draws from Indic Wisdom but also acknowledges its root sources from our scriptures. After an extensive search for experienced practitioners, coaches, and scholars to lead this initiative, we were fortunate to have Prasad Kaipa, Raghu Ananthanarayan, and Sai Sambath join and lead CCSIT. Over the past three years, I have had the privilege of witnessing and learning from their efforts to shape CCSIT into its present form. Previously, INDICA had incubated NICE, which was later hived off as an independent entity. Two other Centers, Center for Shaiva Studies and Center for Embodied Knowledge were established as independent Joint Ventures with other Co-Founders. Similarly, it was decided that CCSIT would scale up faster and become a global leader as an independent Institute for Indic Wisdom (IIW). IIW will soon be established as a non-profit organization in the US, with Prasad, Raghu, and Sai serving as co-founders. As a co-founder, I am honored to represent INDICA and pledge our continued support. I wish my esteemed colleagues all the very best.”


Co-founders Prasad, Raghu, and Sai also commented on the launch:


“I am excited about the work we are doing in CCSIT and even more excited about the work we will do in IIW. Thanks to Hari, Raghu, Sai, and a large number of wonderful volunteers who have been part of defining our offerings and developing programs with us, the world seems ready for the application of Indic wisdom in the areas of leadership, coaching, healing, and teaching.”

– Prasad Kaipa, Co-Founder IIW


“The decades of work that Prasad, Hari, Sai ji, and I have been doing have led to a wonderful flow of creativity in the Centre for Consciousness Studies and Inner Transformation. Through the action research we conducted, we contemporized and contextualized profound insights from Vedanta and Yoga Sutras to develop a powerful set of offerings for awakening, nurturing, and manifesting Inner Presence. This work has opened up a large vista of possibilities, and the Institute for Indic Wisdom is a natural expansion of the work to a global audience.”

– Raghu Ananthanarayan, Co-Founder IIW


“Witnessing the conception, birth, and toddler stage of CCSIT has been a meaningful and enriching experience for all of us. Simultaneously, attending to the energetic toddler has been challenging and demanding as well. We are glad that the world is recognizing the importance of harnessing Indic Wisdom for the greater good of humankind. CCSIT’s transformation to the Institute of Indic Wisdom (IIW) has been envisaged to address this global need. We eagerly look forward to an inspiring journey of collaborations and contributions for IIW.” 

Sai Sambat,Co-Founder IIW