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self selfless Self

enabling seekers fulfil their purpose

Six Dimensional Strategy

six dimensional leadership

What We Do

Preserve Protect Promote

our integrated approach seeks to preserve our traditional institutions, knowledge and practices, protect our identity against distortions and promote our thought to local and global consumers, practitioners and seekers.

Intellectual Cultural Spiritual

Indic thought manifests itself across the spectrum of scriptures, commentaries, literature, arts, crafts, festivals and our very way of life; our activities span the entire range as well.

Pedagogy Perspective Systems

we act as bridge between Gurukulams and Universities, Practitioner-Scholars and Academic-Scholars, Indigenous and Western Knowledge Systems.

Leaders Thinkers Entrepreneurs

we encourage, enable and empower cultural leaders, thinkers and entrepreneurs through our self, selfless, Self approach. We begin by enabling them to discover their “self” - aptitude, passion and a right career path. We empower them to become ‘selfless’ by working for a larger cause. We then enable the pursuit of their true “Self” through an authentic spiritual path.

Service Product Experience

we encourage and enable the spread of our indigenous knowledge through customer- focused products, services or experiences that are authentic, immersive and transformative.

Connect Contribute Collaborate

we facilitate connections by nurturing domain specific networks. We contribute to the efforts of individuals and institutions by providing grants. We collaborate with other institutions for expertise, infrastructure, customers and finance.

16 January 2023 - 15 February 2023

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18 January 2023 - 14 June 2023

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