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We are an Institute dedicated to Indic knowledge traditions and cultural heritage.

We envision a world of wellbeing for every being, where the wisdom and practices of Indic traditions are integrated into everyone's everyday life, offering solutions for health, happiness, peace, and sustainability.

Our goal is to facilitate seekers' journey in discovering their identity, finding their purpose, and nurturing their potential by enabling access to these valuable traditions.

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What We Do

six dimensional leadership

We pursue a multi-strategy, multidisciplinary approach that seeks to preserve, protect, and promote our textual, embodied, and experiential knowledge traditions and heritage.

We act as a bridge between Gurukulams and Universities, Practitioner-Scholars and Academic-Scholars, Indic and non-Indic knowledge systems

We train faculty and transform them from teachers to Gurus, who embody and transmit the wisdom of the Indic knowledge traditions

We offer transformative learning experiences, such as courses, workshops, retreats, conferences and festivals, that are authentic, aesthetic, and immersive.

We enable students to discover their ‘self’- aptitude, passion, and a right career path, empower them to become selfless by working for a larger cause. We then guide them on an authentic spiritual path to discover their true ‘Self’. We nurture and mentor such seekers into cultural change-makers - transdisciplinary thinkers, social entrepreneurs, and public leaders.

Our accelerator fund is dedicated to fostering a thriving ecosystem by providing grants for a variety of purposes. Our goal is to support and nurture seekers to share their unique perspectives, wisdom, and practices with the world. By offering financial support for diverse projects and initiatives, we aim to catalyze creativity, and collaboration and build a vibrant ecosystem.

15 June 2023 - 17 August 2023

An Introduction to Sri Vidya Worship

2 June 2023 - 15 September 2023

Sanskrit for Beginners Basic Course

13 June 2023 - 22 August 2023

Introduction to Śrī Madhvācārya Life and Works