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Launch of Center for Consciousness Studies and Inner Transformation

Launch of Center for Consciousness Studies and Inner Transformation

Profound insights into the nature of consciousness and inner transformation have been India’s gift to the world. Indic Academy will celebrate, nourish and leverage this heritage by creating a Centre for Consciousness Studies and Inner Transformation (CCSIT) on this happy occasion of Vasant Panchami.

The mission of CCSIT will be to raise human consciousness through enabling individuals in all walks of life to engage in inner transformation through introspection, dialogue, svAdhyAya and sAdhana.

The philosophy and praxis founded on the insights into the subtle realms of the human mind are contained in Vedanta and  Yoga Shastra. Therefore, a deep study and research based on them and allied Indic wisdom traditions will be at the heart of the CCSIT.

CCSIT’s offerings will be channelled through four verticals focusing on the different aspects of its work.

  • Vedanta Vidya offering advanced long term courses in Vedanta
  • Yoga Vidya offering advanced courses in theory and practice of Yoga such as bahiranga, antaranga and parama antaranga yoga 
  • CIT Vidya- Coaching for Inner Transformation offering advanced courses at the cutting edge of Executive & Leadership Coaching based on theory and practice of inner transformation.
  • Yogi/Conscious Entrepreneur  offering courses for seeker-entrepreneurs who wish to pursue enterprises in Ayurveda, Craft, Cuisine Culture etc and for entrepreneur-seekers who wish to give back to the society their thought, time and treasury.

Dr. Prasad Kaipa will be the Chief Mentor (Chairperson) for the CCSIT. It will be governed  by a board comprising of the Directors of the three verticals and Hari Kiran will initially head the Vedanta/Yogi/Conscious Entrepreneur vertical, Vinayachandra the Yoga Vertical and Raghu Ananthanarayanan and Brhm. Sai Sambath will lead the CIT vertical.

The CIT is in the process of designing its first offering, the Advanced Coach Development Programme. This will be announced by August this year. A series Webinars and Conferences that highlight the vital importance of Consciousness in the practice of Coaching and Mentoring will be organised in the coming months. Deep study and research leading to world class publications and global impact are being contemplated. A wide network of eminent people working in the areas of psychology, sociology, management studies, organization development, shatraic studies and Indic Wisdom traditions have come together to form the extended enterprise that will enable Indic Psychology to make a significant impact on the fields of Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Executive/ Leadership Development and Inner Transformation.

Work is also under way to launch a Yogacharya programme, long term courses in Vedanta and courses in Yogi Entrepreneurship.

Commenting on the launch Founder Hari Kiran “This is truly a defining moment in our journey. We seek to break new ground in the field of Consciousness studies and also offer four truly path breaking courses that have never been offered by a non Guru lead institution such as ours before. Our motto for individual transformation is ‘self,selfless,Self where in we enable intellectuals to discover, nurture and express the potential within their ‘self’, act as cultural entrepreneurs by ’selflessly’ offering their knowledge and skills for a larger cause and finally set about a path of discovery of their true “Self’. We are deeply grateful to all the Gurus, Teachers and Mentors who have guided and blessed us in reaching this point.

Note : Logo for this Center is inspired by the Quantum Cloud by Antony Gormley. We believe the sculpture is a symbolic representation of ’Brahma satyam jagat mithya, jivo brahmaiva naparah’.