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6 Fellowships for Vedanta Sadhaka Course

6 Fellowships for Vedanta Sadhaka Course

Indic Academy has recently established a Center for Consciousness Studies and Inner Transformation with a focus on developing and offering four advanced courses in Executive Coaching, Yoga, Entrepreneurship and Vedanta.

IA believes Advaita Vedanta has to be taught in a traditional manner under the guidance of a Guru and seeks to encourage serious seekers who desire to pursue such a manner of study. Accordingly IA is pleased to announce a Fellowship of 50% of the fees to 6 seekers keen on pursuing the Vedanta Sadhaka Course being offered by Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF).

For details of the Vedanta Sadhaka Course visit:

Interested students may write to with the subject ‘Vedanta Sadhaka Course’. After an interview with an in-house panel, the shortlisted applicants will be forwarded to CIF for their consideration. It must be very carefully noted that shortlisting by Indic Academy does not mean that the applicants will also be accepted by CIF. Such short listed candidates will necessarily have to go through the selection process outlined in the announcement by CIF. Upon intimation of acceptance of their application, Indic Academy will contribute 50% of the fees payable directly to CIF.