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Annual Report 2023-24 Of INDICA TODAY

Annual Report 2023-24 Of INDICA TODAY

INDICA TODAY is a digital platform for Shastraas, Indic Knowledge Systems & Indology and to showcase the activities of INDICA. Its vision is to promote the works of various academics, activists, authors and artists in order to showcase their activities and events.

Founded in 2018, IT is spearheaded by Dr Yogini Deshpande, Editor-in-Chief, who has degrees from Mumbai University and Purdue University & diverse experience in academia, research and consulting. She has been associated with INDICA since its inception and is its Mumbai Chapter coordinator.  

In 2020 we began publishing articles in Hindi and Kannada. In January 2021, Telugu publication began as well. We are now publishing weekly pieces in all these three languages in addition to English. Engaging with audiences from diverse languages has been a learning experience for our team as we dive into the culture and traditions of different states.


INDICA Today’s steadfast dedication to disseminating high-quality content on various facets of the Indian Knowledge System remains unwavering. Over the course of the past year, the platform has curated and published a diverse array of 250 articles, with a notable emphasis on promoting Bharatiya Languages. Among these, 40 articles were crafted in Hindi, while 24 were presented in Kannada, reflecting a commitment to linguistic inclusivity.

Furthermore, a significant portion of the content comprised scholarly contributions, with over 60 articles originating from conferences or research papers. This emphasizes INDICA Today’s role as a vital platform for academic discourse and intellectual exchange with the scholars and enthusiasts alike. Additionally, the platform featured approximately 20 book reviews, further enriching its repository of knowledge and offering valuable insights into literary works of significance. Also catering to diverse reader preferences while ensuring accessibility and engagement are INDICA Today’s Quick Reads and Long Reads sections.

Some of the notable pieces under different sections are:

Long Reads: (An extraordinary love story by Manjula Tekal of a bond of mutual respect, compassion & unwavering devotion between Choodala, the queen of Malwa and her husband by Sikhidhwaja)

Quick Reads: (Author Arabhati’s offering on Rama’s Paduka through the Divine Odyssey of Paduka-Sahasram by Swami Vedanta Desika)

Conferences: (The Varkari Sampradaya, a profound Vaishnava bhakti movement originating from Maharashtra, venerates Viththala, a child form of Krishna, with devotion at its core. This tradition of spiritual devotion opens doors to all, as elucidated in an illuminating conference paper by Dr. Varada Sambhus).

Reviews: (Dr. Arvind Kaushik reviews Sanjeev Sanyal’s ‘Revolutionaries, The Other Story of How India Won Its Freedom,’a  tumultuous, violent story of setbacks, controversies, perseverance, and nationalism).

Bharatiya Language – Hindi (कुवलयमाला में वर्णित यक्ष-मूर्ति जैसी अनेक मूर्तियों का दक्षिण भारत में अस्तित्व by Rushab Bhandari).

Bharatiya Language – Kannada (ಆನಂದ ಕೆಂಟಿಷ್ ಕುಮಾರಸ್ವಾಮಿ ಸನಾತನಿ ಚಿಂತಕನ ಕಿರುಪರಿಚಯ by (Arun Bharadwaj).


  • In October 2023, INDICA Today announced ‘Rāsa Rīti,’ a captivating video contest that celebrated the essence of Navaratri through personal reflections and festive moments. Participants were invited to share their unique celebrations by submitting a video no longer than 5 minutes in length. Shri Amogh Senger was the winner with his exceptional talent, imaginative flair, and dedication.
  • During the Sharadiya Navratrotsav, INDICA Today also extended an invitation for essays to a special competition titled “The Spiritual Significance of the 18 Powerful Shakti Peethas of Akhand Bharat,” in English, Hindi, Kannada, and Sanskrit languages, which received an overwhelming response. The winner was Smt. Shalini Mahapatra, for her extraordinary talent in both imagination and execution.
  • INDICA Today’s December 2023 call for submissions was titled ‘Rama’s Resonance: A Literary Celebration of Ayodhya’, to commemorate the historic day of Prana Pratishtha. IT’s inbox was overflowing with articles on adoration for Ramalalla, which continues to this day. INDICA Today has published more than 40 articles on this theme and still counting. The following link contains some of the notable articles on this topic:
  • In March 2023, INDICA Today organized a research workshop on “The Problem of intercultural Translation: Indian and European Texts” in collaboration with Chanakya University.
  • A Workshop on Book Review ‘Vivechana’ was designed in February 2023 to help writers hone their skills and become nuanced reviewers.
  • INDICA Today was a part of the webinar series ‘Ramaa Ramaa Ramaa – The Resonance (A Countdown to Ayodhya – January 22, 2024)’ collectively organized in collaboration with six other verticals of Verticals of INDICA Academy. INDICA Today contributed to this event by presenting an Anugraha Sambhashan with Sri Sri Abhinava Shankara Bharati Mahaswami, of Sri Sharada Peetha, Kudali, where the revered Swamiji provided valuable spiritual and philosophical insights. In addition to this, was another session with Dr. Vasantkumar Bhatt, Professor & Head, Department of Sanskrit, Gujarat University.

(This report has been compiled by team at INDICA TODAY ( – Dr Yogini Deshpande, Smt Rekha Dhar, Smt Smitha HS and Manoj Sujanani)