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Yoga Wellness Counselor Certificate Course

Yoga Wellness Counselor Certificate Course

Indica Yoga, Ritambhara and Yogavahini Foundation are launching a Yoga Wellness Counsellor Certificate course. The objective of this program is to transform Yoga enthusiasts into certified wellness counsellors. This course involves learning to personalize yogic tools and yogic understanding of the self for the well-being of ourselves and others. Students will also be taught to employ Yoga as a complementary healing approach for common health issues. This course contains several aspects of Yoga such as Asanas, Pranayama, Mantra as well as Ayurveda, namely Dosha, Dinacharya, Ritucharya, Strength of Agni etc.

Program Content

  • Learn yogic tools and terminology from the Indian yogic tradition
  • Apply Yoga and it’s understanding of the self for personal well-being and preventive health care
  • Yoga as a therapeutic tool for mild health conditions
  • The Yogasutra’s approach to wellness
  • Lenses of Observation: 5 pranas, 5+5 indriyas, angas, dhatus, tanmaatras, 5 bhutas, 5 koshas, 3 doshas, 3 gunas
  • Defining a health vector from Yogic and Ayurvedic health parameters
  • Classifying Causative factors behind symptoms: nimitta, upaadaana, aashraya and aalambana


You may register for the course using the following link:
For more details, please refer to this brochure. A free webinar will also be held by Sri Raghu Ananthanarayanan on June 12th, 7:30 PM to answer questions about the course, its uniqueness and value.