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“Weekend With The Unknown” – Exploring The Intersection Of Disciplines In IKS

“Weekend With The Unknown” – Exploring The Intersection Of Disciplines In IKS

We are pleased to announce a grant to nurture multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary thinkers. Inspired by the thought-provoking documentary film, “The Most Unknown,” we present “Weekend with the Unknown,” a scheme where two scholars and intellectuals from diverse fields can engage and learn from each other over a weekend at a retreat of their choice.

We strongly believe that going beyond our individual domains is essential for personal and intellectual growth. By creating an environment for collaboration and exchange between intellectuals from different disciplines, we seek to spark innovation and transformative breakthroughs.

Indic Knowledge Systems encompass various disciplines and traditions. By exploring the intersections and synergies between these fields, IKS scholars can embrace transdisciplinary thinking, transcending the confines of their disciplines. By integrating knowledge and methodologies from multiple fields, participants can develop solutions to the poly crisis challenges we face today.

We invite scholars and intellectuals who are passionate about the convergence of disciplines and the exploration of Indic Knowledge Systems to apply for this grant. It provides a unique opportunity to spend an immersive weekend together, at a retreat location of your choice, engaging in profound conversations, debates, and knowledge exchange. Travel and hotel accommodation costs upto Rs 30,000 or actuals will be borne by us.

To apply, please submit a joint proposal outlining your areas of expertise along with detailed bios and the two essays mentioned in this announcement to