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“The Kashmir Tales” – Inviting Authors for an Anthology of Short Stories

“The Kashmir Tales” – Inviting Authors for an Anthology of Short Stories

Imagine :

  • being present when JagadGuru Shankaracharya decorates a learned Kashmiri lady with the traditional Taranga (head dress) in appreciation of her knowledge and wisdom….
  • living next door to Patanjali while he authors the celebrated treatise Mahabhashya…
  • serving in the court of Samrat Lalitaditya Muktapida…
  • working as an apprentice for Kalhana as he pens the first chronicles of history….
  • witnessing the great engineer Suyya solve the problem of waterlogging due to floods…
  • seeking Abhinavagupta’s blessings before he enters the cave with his disciples…
  • celebrating Madan Trayodashi with your spouse to profess eternal love for each other…
  • carving poetry in stone for Martand…
  • finding Mardan Khan in a trance after a glimpse of Bhagwan Shiv with Mata Uma on Mahadev Peak
  • seeing Birbal Dhar off on his secret mission
  • celebrating New Year 5098 with the traditional thaal


You don’t need to imagine the last one because Kashmiri Pandits did celebrate their 5098th New Year earlier in April.

Each one of the above suggested trips of imagination is based on facts too!

INDICA BOOKS is pleased to announce its 6th anthology of short stories ‘ The Kashmir Tales’. We invite writers from across the world to let their imagination soar and capture the civilizational contribution of Kashmir. Use your creativity to pen tales of history for posterity. Your fictional tale based on true events should help readers reflect upon and assimilate the bountiful blessings from the land of Ma Sharada. Your stories should rekindle interest in, and reinvigorate connect with, Kashmir. Your story should revive the civilizational ties of Sharada Desh with Bharat Bhoomi. Your story should make readers aware of our shared heritage.

Shortlisted candidates, after taking the Indic pledge, will be invited to a writing workshop to finetune their entry. These entries will then be edited and published by INDICA, either under its own label or through a traditional publisher. The series will be curated by Ms Dimple Kaul.

Send us your hitherto unpublished story (of 4000 to 8000 words), with your short bio, at before the 15th of August 2022.

Go forth and imagine!