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Scholarships For Complexity Interactive Course by Santa Fe Institute

Scholarships For Complexity Interactive Course by Santa Fe Institute

We are delighted to announce full scholarships are available for students and scholars of Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) to enrol in the upcoming SFI Complexity Interactive course offered by the Santa Fe Institute. This two-week online course provides a comprehensive overview of complexity science, laying a solid foundation for understanding complex systems and encouraging participants to explore syntheses across various systems. The curriculum will delve into the modelling of human and social behaviour, focusing on methods and approaches derived from complex systems science. More details about the program can be found here.

The Santa Fe Institute, established in 1984, was the pioneer in dedicating its research to the study of complex adaptive systems. The institute’s mission is to comprehend and unify the shared patterns in complex physical, biological, social, cultural, technological, and potentially astrobiological worlds.

At INDICA, our vision is the well-being of all beings. We strive to promote the wisdom of IKS for the health, happiness, and harmony of humanity. Our ultimate goal is to nurture transdisciplinary thinkers who can address the challenges of a polycrisis world, offering solutions through the lens of IKS.

Interested students and scholars may write to us at The last date for applications to the program is July 12th.