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Scheme to Establish “Gruha-Gurukulams” Across India

Scheme to Establish “Gruha-Gurukulams” Across India

Over the years Indic Academy has been at the forefront of preserving the study of Shastras and reviving the Guru-Shishya parampara. Through its collaboration with the ‘Tenali Exam’, IA is currently providing scholarship to 50 students every year. IA also hosts scholars of Shastras on its online courses platform. Reviving Vakyarthasadas and providing grants to similar organisations are some of its other initiatives. IA is also currently working on plans to construct a Mahagurukulam.

We are now pleased to announce a ‘Gruha-Gurukalam’ scheme where senior scholars who are currently teaching various Shastras can establish gurukulams by taking on rent suitable premises in close proximity to their existing homes. IA will bear the rent as well as the expenses needed to operate these gurukulams. Students can live in these gurukulams and learn without the strain of a commute either for themselves or the scholars.

Speaking about this scheme Founder Hari Kiran, “Indic Knowledge is meant to be taught in a gurukulam, however given the historical developments very few gurukulams exist today. Also with urbanisation and smaller living spaces, number of gruha-gurukulams where the teacher hosts students at home have also diminished. We are therefore very excited about reviving this tradition through a distributed and scalable model of establishing multiple gurukulams across India. There is no capital expenditure nor any lead time to establish such gurukulams and our unique tradition of teaching Shastras can be preserved and carried forward.

Interested senior scholars teaching Shastras may please write to us with details of their background to