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Schedule for Conference on Puranas & Indic Knowledge Systems on March 26th & 27th

Schedule for Conference on Puranas & Indic Knowledge Systems on March 26th & 27th

Indic Academy had previously announced a Conference on Puranasi&Indic Knowledge Systems, inviting papers from scholars and authors. We are now pleased to release the Schedule for the Conference which is being held online from March 26-27, 2021.

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Online Conference on

Puranas and Indic Knowledge Systems

on the 26th and 27th March, 2021


Inaugural Session:

Welcome Address – by Sri Hari Kiran Vadlamani – 9.00AM to 09.15AM

Address on Conference – by Dr.Nagaraj Paturi – 09.15AM to 09.30AM

Keynote address by Sri Bibek Debroy – 09.30AM to 10.00AM (Recorded)


Session 1


Purana Studies, Methodological Issues – 10.00AM to 11.00AM

1 Purana Prathipaaditha Tattvaavdhyanartha Puranonke Praamanyaki Sameeksha Maitri Goswami
2 The self-framing of Agni Purana: a guide to civilization Papia Mitra
3 A New Chronological Framework for Paurāṇika History Amritanshu Pandey


Session 2


Time, Time Scales, Cosmology etc. – 11.00AM to 1.20PM

4 Red Giant Sun in the Puranas Ganesh Swaminathan
5 Understanding Yuga: ‘Yuga & Yuganta in Puranas: Astronomy, psychology, physiology, and evolutionary framework Jeevan Rao GS &

Nilesh Nilkanth Oak

6 Time Scale and Yuga System in Purāṇas Prof. R. Parthasarathy Prof Emeritus, KSRI
7 The Principles of Srishti in the Bhagavata Purana and their Modern Applications Shivakumar GV
8 Ādhibhautika, Ādhidaivika and Ādhyātmika Insights from the Puranas and the Itihasas Abhishek Kumar Panda
9. नारदपरुाणपररप्रक्ष्ये ज्यौरिषम Muralisham H
10 Cosmos in Puranas Siddharth Chhabra


Lunch: 1.20PM-2.00PM


Session 3


Yoga , Saankhya , Schools of Vedanta etc. – 2.00PM to 3.40PM

11 Indebtedness of Yoga to Purāṇas Jayaraman M
12 Allusions of Tattvasamasasutra in Puranic Literature (Saankhya) Ramachandrasekhar Padmanabhan
13 Bhāgavata Purāṇa as a major text of Kevala-Advaita Vedānta Subramanian Chidambaran
14 S’aiva Religio-Philosophy as portrayed in a few upapurāṇa-s Ganesan T
15 The Medicinal Efficacy of 36 Padakas (drugs) in Agnipurāna; An Explanation from Ayurveda Panuganti Siva


Session 4


Dharma, Raja Dharma, Life Skills, Values etc. – 3.40PM to 5.20PM

16 The Dharma of Rishi Markandeya Harshvardhan Bhalla
17 Reflections on Rajadharma—Political Thought in the Puranas Manjula Tekal
18 Lessons on Life Skills from the Life of Damayanti Vijendra Kumar
19 Understanding Bhavishya purana in modern context Deepak Dixit
20 The Bhagavad-Gita and its Relevance to the Psychology of Human Resource Development Balakrishnan Muniapan
21 Value Education based on Indic Knowledge Systems: Analysis of the Ramayana – Content in the Tamilnadu State Board School Education Text Books Br. Ezhivannan


Day 2 


Session 5

Geology, Climatology, Environment etc. – 9.00AM to 11.00AM

22 History of India through Geomorphology in Puranas Sai Papineni
23 Geomorphology In Purāṇas Lavanya Pravin
24 Purāṇas on the Parvatas of the World Dr. K. Vidyuta
25 Revisiting Agastya-Vindhyā Lore with a New Evidence from Parāśaratantra Rupa Bhaty
26 Climatology in Purāṇas Preethi Maheshkrishnan
27 The Multidimensional Attributes of Water: Perspectives from Purāṇa-s Disha Panchal


Session 6

Aesthetics, Iconography, Poetry, Curriculum Design – 11.00 to 12.20PM

28 Rīti in Agnipurāṇa Muralidharan Poondichinnappa
29 An Interdisciplinary Curriculum based on the Pancha Lakshana of the Puranas Saksham Agarwal
30 The Significance and Import of the gītams in the Bhāgavata Purāṇa Dr.V.Yamuna Devi
31 Sthapatya in Agni Purana Sushant Bharti


Dr.Nagaraj Paturi


Indic Academy

Hari Kiran Vadlamani


Indic Academy