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Pallavas and Chalukyas; Coopetition in Stone by Gurupreet Chopra & Bharat

Pallavas and Chalukyas; Coopetition in Stone by Gurupreet Chopra & Bharat

We are pleased to announce the publication of our first coffee table book “ Pallavas and Chalukyas : Coopetition in Stone by Gurupreet Chopra and Bharat

About the Book :

This Coffee Table book is our endeavor to bring out the glorious achievements of the Pallava and Chalukya dynasties and their awe-inducing temple constructions which have left an indelible mark on India. Their creations were pioneering structures that each subsequent kingdom, which followed them, learnt and adopted from. From the shores of Mahabalipuram to the great temple town of Kanchi, and from the capital town of Badami to Aihole and Pattadakal, we take you through a picturesque journey of the temples of these two great kingdoms. You will experience the temple architecture, the associated iconography, the inscriptions, the dynastic history and patrons for the different structures through this visual treat.

About the Authors :

Gurpreet Chopra is a finance professional holding an Engineering degree IT and Masters of Finance. She is currently working in the roles pertaining to operations in the Equity Market. She has worked in similar roles for 10 years. She is interested in travel, history, literature and loves exploring various themes relating to Indian culture and its origins. She has always lived in Mumbai, but travels extensively across the country for her cultural pursuits and to experience the mesmerizing ancient temple spaces.

She lives in Mumbai with her family and is on twitter as @gurichopra

Bharath holds an engineering degree from BITS, Pilani and a management degree from IIM, Ahmedabad. He has worked in the automotive, technology, IT services and automotive aftermarket industries for more than 20 years in various capacities and functions. He is interested in travel, history, photography, literature and politics. He regularly travels across the state of Tamil Nadu to capture the ancient living temples of the state.

He lives in Chennai with his wife and is on Twitter as @brakoo

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