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Open House with Otis on Writing Reviews

Open House with Otis on Writing Reviews

Dear readers,

We have been holding a weekly open house with Otis Haschemeyer since November 2020.  This has helped several writers and aspiring authors get direct feedback from Otis, improve their writing, and get to see others’ writing samples too (you can view the past ten sessions on YouTube here).

Since Indic Book Club is about books – reading, writing, discussion, and reviewing books – a natural extension to these sessions with Otis is to talk about reviews.

Tonight’s session (Sunday, January 24th) will be about reviewing books.
So, do join us for another informative session.
As advance reading, Otis has shared a brief document on reviews. You can read it here.

Yes, here are some links to get you started:

  • Register for the webinar – link.
  • Read the short doc on reviewing – link.
  • Read about the Indic Book Club’s Open House with Otis – link.
  • Watch recordings of past sessions – link.
  • You can also watch the webinar live on our Facebook group – link.
  • If you are interested in book reviews, then you must register for the IBC 1000 Reviewers Cub – link, link.
  • Some notable books our readers recommended – link.
Abhinav Agarwal
Chief Curator, Indic Book Club
Jan 24th, 2021