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Launch of the Website of Center for Embodied Knowledge

Launch of the Website of Center for Embodied Knowledge

Center for Embodied Knowledge (CEK) is pleased to launch its website. CEK was established last year to preserve, protect and promote the non-textual heritage of India and is an independent joint venture between Hari Vadlamani, representing INDICA, Sunny Narang and Akanksha Damini Joshi.

In the short span of 12 months, CEK has established a collaboration with The Handloom Futures Trust ( HFT) Hyderabad for a decolonisation project and restitution in European Museums, worked with Antati, a Singapore-based historical research consultancy for a workshop to bridge the understanding between Asian cultures and promote the interpretation of Indian craft traditions with an objective lens and also entered into a long term collaboration with National and State awarded “Shilpguru” Sri K. Siva Prasad Reddy for construction of a studio in the village of Tangaturu, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh and to nourish a new generation of Kalamkari artists.

Commenting on the launch, the founders : 

Hari Vadlamani : ‘At INDICA, we look at Indic heritage from the point of view of textual, embodied and experiential knowledge. Our initial focus has been our textual heritage, and with CEK, we make a vital pivot to embodied knowledge. We are very pleased with our progress so far, as we have been able to make some unique interventions.

We are grateful to our collaborators and our co-founders, Sunny and Akanksha.’

Akanksha Damini Joshi : ‘Knowledge, intimate, pulsating in our cells, flowing in our body and throbbing in our breath. A knowledge centre where we can connect stunning ideas to brilliant creativity manifested in the world. A space where mind and body are not two. But one. We are woven with the threads of infinity. Centre for Embodied Knowledge, where knowledge takes on the nature of the intimate & the infinite, and all that exists together at once.

Looking forward to experiencing the delicious delight of Knowledge with many co-adventures! ‘

Sunny Narang : ‘In an Age of Digital Platform Flooding and Big Data AI-led Design Disruption, we needed a Cloud Networked Community of Seekers, where the eternal processes of indigenous and community knowledge and skills, that embody the spirit, imagination and creativity embedded in locality and sustainability, are nurtured and celebrated. Our dream is just starting through the website of Center for Embodied Knowledge and an year of collaborations with artisans, curators, scholars, rasiks and aesthetic entrepreneurs.

Hoping for discovering many fellow seekers on the paths of enlightened enrelishment.’

Please do reach out to us at