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Launch of Scholar in Residence Program with Manish Maheshwari

Launch of Scholar in Residence Program with Manish Maheshwari

Dear Indicans,

We are pleased to announce a new initiative – ‘Scholar in Residence’ program.

Each year we propose to invite a few highly motivated scholars having a proven track record of research and publications to come on board as a Scholar in Residence. These Scholars in Residence are free to initiate research, conceptualise, curate and conduct events, offer courses etc, as well as engage with our various Thought Centers and Platforms.

The Scholars and Public Intellectuals who already working with us too will seek to work with such Scholars in Residence and explore collaborations.

There will be complete freedom for the Scholar in Residence to choose the level and nature of engagement with us. We believe such a loose knit, arrangement will spark creativity and new areas for study and collaboration will be emerge.

We are now pleased to announce Manish Maheshwari as our first Scholar in Residence.

Manish is a researcher on Indology and Indian intellectual history. His current area of focus is yoga and the siddha tradition of medieval India, particularly the origins of haṭha yoga from the Nātha siddha lineage. Manish has also studied Nyāya-Vaiśeṣika, Vedānta and Indian aesthetics under prominent teachers and institutions in the country.

Prior to this, Manish worked as a financial analyst at Investment Management firms in New York and Mumbai. He holds graduate degrees from Columbia University (New York) and Mumbai University. He curates and has contributed numerous essays to He also supports and collaborates with multiple scholars in the field of yoga and Śaivism studies.

We take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to Manish, our very first Scholar in Residence and are sanguine of a productive and enriching collaboration.