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Launch of INDICA-Cultre Center for Museums

Launch of INDICA-Cultre Center for Museums

This International Museum Day, Cultre and INDICA are pleased to announce the launch of the Centre for Museums.

This Centre’s vision is to revitalise the societal and economic importance of museums in the cultural landscape of India. The Centre aims to facilitate creation of 21st century museums that are flexible and responsive, connected by working with existing museums as well as developing new museum concepts.

The Centre will focus on museum-based research, defining new concepts & roadmaps, museum management strategy, defining visitor experience for the museum, marketing and outreach planning and possible sustainability planning.

Anjchita B. Nair, Co-Founder & COO, Cultre states, “At Cultre, we believe technology has now provided many new and exciting opportunities to democratize the experience of museums and we would like to be an active part of and facilitate this transition period in India. This Centre is an initiative to revolutionise the museum sector in India and explore new innovative concepts such as metaverse, web 3.0.”

Hari Vadlamani, Founder INDICA, said “At INDICA we follow a unique integral strategy across six dimensions. While we seek to preserve, protect and promote our heritage in all domains across the cultural spectrum, we also strongly believe in the importance of aesthetics and experiential learning.

There are two important interventions that need to be made in Indian Museums sector.

a) Existing museums that have been primarily established by the Govt bodies need to be transformed into 21st Century experiential centers of learning

b) The trend of private museums that has just begun to take shape needs to be nurtured and promoted to new age entrepreneurs who have created extraordinary value through their enterprises by encouraging them to channelise their wealth to establishing new museums around unexplored themes.

Our Centers hopes to play a role in both these areas. We are also exploring establishing our own Metaverse museum in partnership with other technology partners.”

About Cultre:

Cultre is a creative and cultural enterprise. We seek to promote the access, understanding and experience of India’s pluralistic cultural heritage to young minds and life-long learners through content, products and experiences. We seek to bridge the different but dependent fields of culture, commerce and technology. Know more at :


INDICA is an institute for indigenous knowledge. We seek to act as a bridge between Gurukuls and Universities, between Shastras, Indic Knowledge Systems and Indology, between disciplines, between global indigenous knowledge systems and between civilisations. We encourage, enable, and empower cultural leaders, thinkers and entrepreneurs. We offer authentic, immersive and learning experiences. Know more at :

Note : We use the image of Guggenheim Bilbao designed by Frank Gehry as the featured image for this announcement. We hope that several historical places in India establish world class museums and they too benefit from the “Bilbao” effect.