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Launch of Cultural Leadership Accelerator Programme

Launch of Cultural Leadership Accelerator Programme

“If an object in nature is beautified by the discrimination of man, it is Culture.” – D.V. Gundappa


The Rashtram Accelerator Programme instills Meta-Skills grounded in Indic Knowledge Systems to help our future public leaders adapt quickly in this VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). Accelerator is firmly focused on nurturing public leaders to solve the most pressing Indian and global problems.

Culture is the foundation for civilisational sustenance. Today, we need leaders who can work seamlessly across cultures and at the intersection of economics, ecology, technology and psychology. This needs a higher level of skills to synthesise, sense-make, collaborate and transform. Building such leadership to advance a global indigenous renaissance, led by the Dharmic traditions is the focus of the Indic Academy-Rashtram Centre for Cultural Leadership.

Towards that, the Rashtram Accelerator Programme will have a specialisation in ‘Cultural Leadership’ – Through a highly immersive pedagogy that involves travel, media studies and dialectics, this specialisation will focus on embodying the thought on cultural leadership from both the institutions.

This is envisaged as a 3-month extension to the 11-month Accelerator Programme.


Indic Academy’s 6-Dimensional Approach to Cultural Leadership

Rashtram’s Meta-Skills That Make A Cultural Leader


Self-refinement, ability to harmonize, thoughtfulness
Creative intuition, taste and a sense of aesthetics
Higher level self-reflexivity, critiquing with kindness and compassion
Visioning, ability to conceive the convergence of megatrends and inspiring commitment
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