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K. Viswanath Documentary Script & Pilot Contest

K. Viswanath Documentary Script  & Pilot Contest

On the first Jayanti of Sri K Viswanath garu, Indica Pictures is proud to announce the prestigious K Viswanath Documentary Script & Pilot Project!

Indica Pictures’ K Viswanath Documentary Project is an important opportunity for seasoned filmmakers to chronicle the life of K Viswanath, a distinguished filmmaker whose work has influenced countless filmmakers and audiences. The proposed film is envisioned as a three-part documentary.

The objective of the documentary is to delve into the myriad aspects of K Viswanath’s life and career, including:

  • His early life, influences, and journey in filmmaking
  • An analysis of his filmography with an emphasis on key themes, collaborations, and critical reception
  • An assessment of his impact on Indian cinema and his lasting legacy

This documentary aims to be a high-quality, comprehensive examination of K Viswanath’s work. It should encompass every aspect of his career—his films, stories, themes, messages, style, and substance—at an academic level, comparable to a university doctoral thesis. Additionally, it must feature interviews with those who have been part of his filmmaking journey, such as actors, technicians, and family members. The documentary must be compelling to watch with excellent creative and production values.

Applicants are required to have a demonstrated history of producing compelling and insightful films – live-action and/or documentaries, as well as a profound understanding of Indian cinema and K Viswanath’s extensive body of work.

1️⃣ By March 31, 2024 submissions must be emailed to Danji Thotapalli, Co-founder and Chief Curator of Indica Pictures at and should include:
• A cover note
• A brief biography
• Links to relevant previous work
• An outline of the documentary

2️⃣ By June 30, 2024, a distinguished committee will evaluate all submissions and select the top three applicants based on their experience, vision, and comprehension of the project. Indica Pictures will grant each of these top three applicants a sum of INR 100,000 to aid their script and pilot-making endeavors.

3️⃣ By October 31, 2024, the selected filmmakers must present their final bound scripts and pilots for the documentary for review by the committee. A 10-minute pilot for each of the three segments of the documentary is required.

4️⃣ By November 30, 2024, one winner will be chosen from the final three submissions by the expert committee.

Pitching to OTT Platforms

Subsequently, Indica Pictures will support the winner in finding and pitching to a suitable production house or OTT platform to produce the full documentary.


Should these efforts not materialize for any reason, Indica Pictures will advocate for the documentary on a crowdfunding platform, committing a sum of INR 3,00,000 as seed funding to initiate the fundraising process.
We are confident this project represents a unique chance to craft a definitive documentary about one of India’s most esteemed filmmakers. We invite all interested filmmakers to submit their proposals and contribute to bringing this project to fruition.