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Launch of INDICA Ritambhara Retreat

Launch of INDICA Ritambhara Retreat

INDICA is engaged in preserving, protecting and promoting the study of Shastras/Indic Knowledge Systems by offering authentic, immersive and transformative learning experiences. We believe that the complete inner transformative effect of IKS will take place only when taught in a Gurukulam atmosphere.

INDICA is now pleased to announce the launch of INDICA Ritambhara Retreat in collaboration with Rithambara Ashram in Bengaluru.

Ritambhara Retreat offers an idyllic ashram setting for short duration programs, workshops and retreats allowing the participants an ideal opportunity to reflect, learn and grow through every moment of their stay and activity at the retreat. Located close to Bengaluru city, the retreat can accommodate groups of 20 participants in its green campus. Facilities at the campus includes shared accommodation, classrooms, library, Yoga hall, dining hall, garden and a farm. The entire campus is aesthetically designed and constructed with a visual access to a centrally located large banyan tree that symbolizes the fountainhead of knowledge.

INDICA will be conducting regular residential programmes  under the guidance of scholars and master-practitioners in the fields of Vedanta, Yoga, Ayurveda and other related Indic Knowledge disciplines.

INDICA had earlier announced the setting up of ‘Gruha-Gurukulams’ aiming to impart shastric teaching and training to committed students under the tutelage of a Guru. The first such Gurukulam was launched earlier this week under the guidance of Sri Korada Subhramanyam.

Weekend with Wisdom was another such immersive program that we ran successfully (prior to COVID) with scholars like Shrikant Talegiri, Michel Danino, Meenakshi Jain, Vinod Vidwans and Subhash Kak. We will soon be relaunching with other scholars and public intellectuals.

We are seeking similar collaborations with other retreats/owners as we seek to expand the number of such programs in the coming year.