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A key element of INDICA’s purpose to build a global renaissance based on Indic civilisational thought, is to nurture a vibrant ecosystem, especially by building the ‘non’ living or the ‘infrastructure’ aspects of an ecosystem.  Towards this end INDICA has adopted a three fold strategy of “connect, contribute & collaborate“.

Through its ‘connect‘ strategy, domain specific and city based networks are formed, encouraging people with similar interests to come together.

We also actively seeks out ‘collaborations‘ with other institutions for access and reach, technical and infrastructure support.

Through its ‘contribute‘ strategy we have emerged as a major foundation for grants. Over the last few years grants have been extended for variety of causes including scholarships, events, promotions, projects, travel, registration fees etc.

Initially most grant applications have come through known references, however as both the volume of grants as well as requests have gone up significantly, there is a need to institute a transparent multi step process and criteria. By formulating a pledge  to be signed by all proposed recipients of grants to be shared on social media, one such step in the proposed process is sought to be established. We believe this is a simple way to ensure that grants are received by applicants who share the same set of values as INDICA and its donors do. The following is the pledge to be shared by all recipients of our grants on their respective social media handles :