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Announcing Indica Mysuru Yoga Utsava

Announcing Indica Mysuru Yoga Utsava


We are pleased to present the first edition of Indica Mysuru Yoga Utsava — an in-person Global Festival of Yoga in Mysuru to celebrate the timeless spirit of Yoga, from 15th to 17th December, 2023.

“INDICA envisions the well-being of all beings. We believe that the profound wisdom of Indic heritage fosters health, happiness, and harmony for humanity. Mysuru Yoga Utsava plays a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life, and our carefully curated line-up of speakers and sessions will encompass the entire spectrum of well-being. Join us on this transformative journey of authentic and immersive experiences,” says Hari Vadlamani, the founder of INDICA and Co-Founder of INDICA |Yoga.

Our earlier online festivals featured more than 100 teachers, scholars, practitioners, scientists, artists, etc. drawn from more than 25 countries. We will have an equally exciting line-up of teachers and scholars at the Utsava in December.

Theme of the Festival:

The theme for this year’s festival is maitrī representing universal friendship – a quality that has been underscored as a prerequisite for both material and spiritual well-being. Cultivating an attitude of loving friendship with oneself, one’s family members, community and society is imperative to establish a harmonious life within and without. Therefore, in the sutras, Patanjali implores everyone to cultivate maitrī as the first quality towards attaining a pristine state of mind.

मैत्रीकरुणामुदितोपेक्षाणां सुखदुःखपुण्यापुण्यविषयाणां

भावनातश्चित्तप्रसादनम् 1. 33

maitrīkaruṇāmuditopekṣāṇāṃ sukhadukhapuyāpuyaviṣayāṇāṃ

Bhāvanātaścittaprasādanam  1.33

Mysuru Yoga Utsava is an occasion to celebrate Yoga in all its richness and diversity. Mysuru has been the nurturing space for yoga for nearly hundred years in modern times. This will be a great event and we look forward to welcoming friends from all over the world,” says the Co-Founder and Director of INDICA | Yoga, Dr Vinayachandra Banavathy.

This Utsava will celebrate INDICA|Yoga’s integrated approach to yoga and strengthen our commitment to authentic spiritual teachings and practices. We look forward to hosting yoga practioners and teachers from across the world,” says Sophia Ann French, the Editor & Curator at INDICA |Yoga.

Objectives of the Festival :

  • Celebrating yogic wisdom, traditions and practices on a global scale.
  • Exploring techniques, technologies and practices of Yoga for promoting individual, social and collective harmony and well-being.
  • Connecting the global communities committed to conscious living.
  • Building synergies between Science and Spirituality and Philosophy and Practices that enhance human wellness and happiness.


  • Expert Talks/ Lectures/Satsang
  • Experiential Sessions/ Demonstrations/Workshops
  • Practical sessions – Asana/ Pranayama/ Meditation/ Relaxation
  • Music/ Dance/ Kirtan/ Bhajan/ Mantra sessions

About the Logo:

The logo for the Utsava is a circle with seven colour gradients and each colour represents the seven chakras. The blending of the colours suggests that the chakras are not separate entities, but rather interconnected parts of a whole. This is consistent with the yogic principle of oneness, which states that we are all connected to each other and to the universe.As we practice yoga, we gradually move towards greater oneness with ourselves, with others and with the universe. The blurring of the colours in the logo suggests that this journey is never complete but that it is always worth taking. The logo is also a reminder that yoga is a process of growth and transformation, and that it is something that we need to practice regularly in order to reap its benefits.

We look forward to seeing you soon. So, block the dates and stay tuned for further information!

With love,

Team INDICA | Yoga