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INDICA Courses Bridges Ancient Wisdom And Learners

INDICA Courses Bridges Ancient Wisdom And Learners

INDICA Courses is a hybrid platform for teachers and seekers who share our belief in the transformative power of Indic wisdom.

We create and curate online and offline courses and workshops across multiple disciplines of Indic knowledge systems.

INDICA Courses, under Director and Chief Curator, Dimple Kaul, are offered in two formats – Cohort or live where the learners and Faculty join the virtual classroom through our portal in real time or Self-paced which is available in the form of pre-recorded sessions.

INDICA Courses serves as a platform for transformative learning, connecting contemporary learners with the profound wisdom of ancient Indic traditions. Led by Dimple Kaul, Director of Academic Programs (INDICA), and ably supported by Abhishek Tyagi (Business Operations, INDICA Courses) and Praneetha SSV (Service Delivery, INDICA Courses),  our mission is to bridge the gap between ancient knowledge systems and modern learners by creating and curating a diverse array of online and offline courses and workshops across multiple disciplines of Indic knowledge systems. 

Expansive Offerings: In the past fiscal year, our offerings spanned a wide spectrum of subjects, including philosophy, language, literature, mathematics, astrology, nutrition, leadership, music, and religious practices, all rooted in Indian cultural and intellectual traditions. We successfully reached 842 participants, igniting a passion for lifelong learning and self-discovery. We conducted 25 online courses for 719, 2 paid and 3 free workshops for 123 participants. The free workshops, conducted by renowned Acharyas such as Prof. B Mahadevan, Prof. Penna Madhusudan and Prof. K. Ramasubramanian, were conducted in collaboration with the IKS Division of the Ministry of Education in line with the MoU signed with them in July 2023. Notably, 212 participants received full scholarships, and 12 received partial scholarships.

Multilingual Accessibility: Embracing linguistic diversity, our courses were conducted in English, Tamil, Hindi, and Sanskrit, ensuring accessibility for learners worldwide. Our student community of 2440 learners hails from 33 countries, ranging from seasoned scholars to curious enthusiasts, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.

 Gratitude to Faculty: We extend our deepest gratitude to our erudite faculty, comprising 72 scholars and practitioners, who have been instrumental in realising our vision. With 13 new scholars joining our ranks, we continue to expand our reach, committed to providing inclusive educational experiences that celebrate diversity and foster cross-cultural understanding.

 Highlights of the Fiscal:

  • Innovative courses like “An Introduction to The Tirukkural” and “Thirukkural & Sanatana Dharma” received acclaim for their substantive content.
  • Collaborated with the University of Transdisciplinary Health Sciences and Technology to offer “Ayurvedic Nutrition.”
  • Launched a unique leadership series and explored engaging topics like Indic storytelling and Vedic astrology.
  • Reintroduced popular courses like “Sanskrit for Beginners” and “Introduction to Śrī Madhvācārya: Life and Works.”
  • Conducted workshops on Indian Knowledge Systems, deepening participants’ cultural connection.
  • Explored topics such as Polytheism in Greek philosophy, enriching understanding of ancient traditions.
  • Offered comprehensive courses on Indian Mathematics, Dharmashastras, Sanatana Dharma and Indian Philosophy, blending theory and practice.
  • Received overwhelmingly positive responses from learners across various courses, highlighting the effectiveness of the curriculum, faculty expertise, and immersive learning experiences. Learners expressed a newfound appreciation for traditional knowledge systems and a desire to further explore these subjects. 

 Future Initiatives: Our offerings in FY 23-24 exemplified our commitment to providing quality education rooted in Indian culture and tradition, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation among learners worldwide. Plans include launching a Diploma Program, forging partnerships with educational institutions, onboarding new faculty members, and expanding our geographic reach. Additionally, we aim to publish course material from previous offerings as books, further disseminating indigenous knowledge. With gratitude for the support of our stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, and partners), we embark on the next phase of our journey, aspiring to become a global hub for transformative learning, enriching lives and communities through the teachings of the ancient Indic traditions.