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Evolve With INDICA Grant

Evolve With INDICA Grant

Indic Academy seeks to bring about a global renaissance of indigenous wisdom. Our ceaseless efforts in that direction have led to the establishment of various Thought Centers, Platforms, Renaissance Fund and Community Networks. Seeking to be a research centric institution, we pursue dissemination through publications, courses and workshops. We started online courses in February 2020 and offered more than twenty courses in the last fiscal. The positive response to this organic step has overwhelmed us with gratitude and invigorated us with resolve.

Indica Courses, our initiative into the niche field of EdTech in the service of Indigenous Wisdom, is a result of that blessing and a natural digital extension of Indic Academy. In order to maintain the excellence that we are known for, Indica Courses partners with Indic Academy’s in-house Thought Centers and Platforms and also reaches out to third-party individuals and institutes. Till date, they have offered 20 grants to learners based on individual requests.

It gives us great pleasure to announce Evolve with INDICA grant for students desirous of enrolling into any course offered by Indica Courses. Under this scheme, learners currently enrolled into any formal education program, unable to afford the entire fee for an Indica Course, will be eligible for a 25% discount.

To apply for this grant, a student will need to register in their Indica Course of choice and submit the relevant details to Upon receipt of the details, and the successful verification of the credentials furnished, a refund of 25% of the course fee will be made towards the grant.