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D V Sridharan joins as co-founder of Indica Renaissance Fund

D V Sridharan joins as co-founder of Indica Renaissance Fund

Over the last few years we have emerged as one of the largest grant giving institution for causes related to Indic Knowledge. Both individuals and institutions are actively encouraged to pursue their goals through our financial support. Grants are given for a wide range of causes including scholarship, research, fees, events, publications, travel, special projects, and other general purposes. 

Presently most of the donors to Indic Academy are select individuals and companies and we do not have a system in place to accept contributions from retail donors. However in recent times we have received requests from several donors expressing their desire to contribute to Indic Academy through monthly commitments and indirectly helping causes related to Indic Knowledge and directly participating in our progress.

We are now pleased to announce that Sri D. V. Sridharan (DVS) has kindly consented to join our group as a co-founder for our grant activities and establish ‘Indica Renaissance Fund’ (IRF).

As a co-founder of IRF he will establish a separate governance structure, establish processes enabling IRF to seek contributions both from retail as well as institutional donors and expand grant giving to help more causes.

D.V.S as he is fondly known was born in 1942 and served in Merchant Navy as an Engineer. He is currently involved in water harvesting and land rejuvenation. An anthology of his stories ‘Good News India: Ordinary Indians Extraordinary Triumphs has recently been published by Bloomsbury India.

Commenting on the development, Hari Kiran Founder, ‘DVS was our first external donor in 2016 with a very generous contribution. Since then he has remained a constant source of financial support for all our activities. He was also instrumental in establishing our first chair at Kuppuswami Research Institute (KSRI) in memory of Late Sri D.P. Santhanam. We are confident that his joining as a co-founder and driving IRF as a distinct strategic unit either within the existing structure or outside will enable more causes to be supported .We warmly welcome him on board.’