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Conference on Hinduism and Modern Psychology- Call For Papers

Conference on Hinduism and Modern Psychology- Call For Papers

Indic Academy is glad to announce a call for papers for the first Conference on Hinduism and Modern Psychology to be held on August 27 & 28th. 

Psychology is one academic discipline that has all the time been considered to be close to, very much similar to and sometimes even as a replacement for ‘religion’. 

Hinduism too whose categorization as ‘religion’, justifiably, is always disputed, but is, indisputably, a cultural complex that includes sacral aspects that lead to its understanding as religion, has been studied from the point of view of its connections with the ideas covered under Psychology. 

Hinduism has a great number of texts and practices with theoretical and practical content related to the aspects covered by the modern academic discipline of Psychology. These texts and practices have a distinct approach to the questions, analyses and therapeutic solutions currently covered and yet to be covered in the field of Psychology.    

Though ‘Indian Psychology’ movement, inspired by Sri Aurobindo did some pioneering work in this area, creating resources for Modern Psychology based On Hindu texts and practices (,), it is only now that momentum has picked up, with universities like MIT School of Vedic Sciences, Chinmaya Vishvavidyapeeth and Sri Sri University running full-fledged courses named as  ‘Vedic Psychology’ ‘Contemplative and Behavioural Sciences’ ‘Applied Psychology’ etc at undergraduate, postgraduate and research level. Indic Academy too has established a thought center, Centre for Consciousness Studies and Inner Transformation. 

During the early stages of this movement, the study was limited to Consciousness studies and the focus was on Vedanta and Yoga. Now the scope has widened considerably to include other fields of Indic Knowledge Systems such as Ayurveda, Samkhya, Vyaakarana Darsana, Natya Shastra, Alankara Shastra, Itihasas & Puranas.  More and more nuances such as cognitive studies, solutions to aesthetic inability etc., language and communication psychology, Ayurvedic psychiatry etc.   not covered earlier are now being taken up. 

With the above background, Indic Academy is now proposing this conference in order to consolidate and catalyse the present work, contemplate the future requirements and possibilities of providing the benefit of Hinduism’s texts and practices to the global world of Psychology and Psychotherapy.  

Abstracts may be sent to with the subject field clearly mentioning “Abstract for Conference on Hinduism and Modern Psychology” by 25th of July 2021.

The Conference will be curated by Dr Nagaraj Paturi, Director Indic Academy.