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Collaboration With Global Consciousness Institute

Collaboration With Global Consciousness Institute

INDICA’s Center for Consciousness Studies and Inner Transformation (CCSIT) is pleased to announce a collaboration with Global Consciousness Institute. (GCI)


About Global Consciousness Institute :


GCI seeks to elevate Global Consciousness as a field of study, to transform education and economic practices and policies, and to provide strategic and energetic focus for the nurturing of change agents and leaders. GCI exists to activate a collective experience of oneness globally, enabling humanity to exist in loving harmony with all life.


The mission of GCI is to bring to life the integration of modern science and living wisdom for a collective and systemic way of being, in service of the circle of life. GCI has organised its focus into three streams:


  1. Applied Research, Scholarship and Innovative Education,
  2. Leadership and Organizational Practice, and
  3. Movement and Community Building.


GCI is stewarded by a diverse set of highly qualified practitioners and seekers and its partners are AITIA Institute, Case Western Reserve University, Fetzer Institute, George Washington University, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, Communicore Consulting, Edgewalkers International and Poets & Prophets.


CCSIT has been established by INDICA to research, contextualise and advance Vedic wisdom on Consciousness, particularly amongst global corporate leaders and Institutions.


Through this collaboration, both partners will work on curriculum development in coaching, Masters and Doctoral programs, as well as programs that can transfer to the organisational environment.


CCSIT has also contributed 10,000 USD to GCI towards its set up expenses.