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Celebrating the 1st Year Anniversary of the Centre for Shaiva Studies

Celebrating the 1st Year Anniversary of the Centre for Shaiva Studies

We are pleased to announce that today on the 6th of May The Centre for Shaiva Studies in Pondicherry completes its first year. The Centre has been established in collaboration with Tattva Heritage Foundation to promote research and study on all aspects of Shaivism.

As part of the celebration, the Centre is organising two lectures by very distinguished Shaiva scholars: Dr Mark Dyczkowski and Sri Karttikeya Sivam. Dr Mark Dyczkowski is a very senior Shaiva scholar specializing in the Shakta tantra tradition. He has published extensively including a 12-volume work on the Manthanabhairava Tantra. He will be speaking on various aspects of Kashmir Shaivism. Our other speaker, Sri Karttikeya Sivam is a scholar of the Shaiva Agamas having studied in a traditional gurukulam and he is currently professor at Sri Skandaguru Vidyalaya, Thirupparankunram, near Madurai. He will be speaking on the historical importance and the current significance of the Shaiva agamas.

We are also pleased to announce the release of the draft critical edition of the Tantrāvatārapaṭala of the Kāmikāgama (Pūrvabhaga). Sections from the draft critical edition will be read out to the assembled audience by Dr Ganesan, who has been working on this prestigious project since the past one year. Dr Ganesan at the start of the proceedings will also speak on the activities of the Centre since the past one year and lay out its vision for the future.

Through this gathering of scholars, students and the local Shaiva community we hope to disseminate the latest scholarship to a wider audience.  The texts that we critically edit do not only belong to the scholars but to the community for whom the texts are alive and resonate with meaning.  The Shaiva agamas are not mere historical curiosity but a living tradition whose texts continue to nourish every aspect of human life with their perennial wisdom. Therefore, along with doing critical academic work, the Centre for Shaiva Studies endeavours to engage with the community on every given opportunity.