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CCSIT Co-evolve Cohort

CCSIT Co-evolve Cohort

INDICA’s Centre for Consciousness Studies and Inner Transformation (CCSIT) launched a Co-evolve Cohort on September 8, 2021 with 24 enthusiasts.

Dual foci of this initiative was to enable inner transformation and simultaneously undertake Action Research & Collaborative Auto-ethnography with a year-long immersive engagement with committed volunteers from across globe. It was designed in a trimester format. The immersive journey has spanned a spectrum of introspective processes. It succeeded in seeding and nurturing a Heart Space, encouraging compassionate & friendly multilogue and a deep dive into one’s inner conditioning. This has enabled the participants to gain significant insights & experience Inner transformation.

Emergent benefits for CCSIT have been nuanced articulation of the Yogic Presence Pyradigm with 6 Yogic Practices of inner transformation.

The weekly sessions of the cohort have entered the 9th month in May 2022 with 16 active collaborators (8 each from India and USA) engaged in deep Self inquiry and mutual support.