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Call For Papers : Conference On Jain Traditions

Call For Papers : Conference On Jain Traditions

We are thrilled to announce the call for papers for INDICA’s prestigious 24th conference, which also marks the 10th in-person Thirtha Yatra—a series of enlightened conferences held at locations sacred to the themes being explored. Continuing this tradition of thematic alignment, we will gather in the spiritually rich city of Jodhpur from March 1st to 3rd, a city imbued with Jain heritage, for a conference that aims to enrich our understanding of Jain Dharma within the Bharatiya cultural framework.

The Jaina Sampradaya, contemporarily known as Jainism, is a cornerstone of Bharat’s enduring cultural edifice and is recognized as one of the world’s ancient Dharmic religions and cultural traditions.

Jainism’s manifold contributions include:

  • Diverse Indic knowledge systems throughout history,
  • Indian literature in Bharatiya languages such as Sanskrit, Prakrit, and the South Indian languages of Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam, enriched by unique Jain compositions and their influence on non-Jain literature,
  • The cultural tapestry of Bharat, shaped by autonomous Jain phenomena and by its synthesis into broader Hindu practices,
  • Architectural and sculptural innovations, especially in temple construction,
  • Artistic advancements, particularly in drawing and painting,
  • The guardianship of manuscript heritage, preserving invaluable texts,
  • Intellectual achievements, highlighted by traditions like Avadhaanam,

The conference will place a special emphasis on the ascetic and inward practice traditions of Jainism, exploring the faith’s commitment to a lifestyle of renunciation and inner contemplation. Additionally, we will delve into the environmentally conscious aspects of Jain living, its compassionate ethos, and the religion’s long-standing advocacy for animal protection, examining how these principles manifest in practice and contribute to the broader tapestry of Bharatiya life.

Although Jain philosophy is categorized as Avaidika by texts such as the Sarva Darshana Sangraha, due to its rejection of Vedic authority, it shares numerous ontological, epistemological, and eschatological concepts with Vedic traditions. These parallels, as fascinating as the distinctive features of Jainism, demonstrate a profound cultural harmony at familial and religious levels, inclusive of temple rituals and iconography.

Recent discourses that amplify Jainism’s uniqueness, while diminishing its common Dharmic roots with Vedic and other ancient Bharatiya traditions, risk fostering unnecessary divisions between Jainism and Hinduism.

Thus, INDICA is convening this conference to celebrate the rich heritage of the Jain tradition and its integrated contributions to Bharat’s philosophical dialogue, communal rites, everyday practices, and sacred artistry, highlighting both its distinctive and shared heritage. The curators for the conference are Dr. Nagaraj Paturi, Dean of IKS, INDICA, and Dr. Arti (Bothra) Kochar.

Important Dates:

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: January 15th
  • Full Paper Submission Deadline: February 15th

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