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Call for Museum Case Study Proposals

Call for Museum Case Study Proposals

The museum sector in India is undergoing a current of changes. It is negotiating with shifting demographics, evolving visitor expectations, funding realignment and ever-escalating technologies. Museums are meeting these challenges in myriad ways.

Centre for Museums, an initiative of INDICA and Cultre is seeking insightful proposals for case studies that would be useful for understanding of the museum sector in India, highlighting the needs and expectations as well as the best practices in the sector.

Proposals could revolve around thematic topics that will allow us to identify the internal trends or external factors that can affect the future of Indian museums. The case study  proposal should focus on one the following themes:

  1. Museum management
  2. Visitors Experience
  3. Marketing and Outreach of a museum
  4. Funding and revenue generation in a museum
  5. A case study of a single museum covering all the above theme

*The final case study should have the following structure: Summary, Background, Aim, Approach, Intended Outcome, Obstacles, Actual Outcome and Final Takeaway.

Submissions must be made through the online submission form no later than 30th October 2022, at 23:59 in English

This is a paid opportunity.

For further inquiries, send an email to with the subject “Call for Museum Case Study Proposals”.