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Annual Report of Indica Renaissance Fund (20-21)

Annual Report of Indica Renaissance Fund (20-21)

We have a comprehensive program and give grants towards projects, events, promotions, publications, research & fellowship, registration fee & travel, scholarship, gifts and other general requirements. 

Our motto is quite simple really. No individual or institutional efforts for preserving, promoting and protecting our indigenous knowledge systems should suffer for want of funds. If we are unable to make a meaningful contribution to a particular cause,  we try and make sure that at least some part of the funds needed is provided as a seed contribution, for the grantee to then showcase our contribution and raise the money required from other donors. We have noticed that an imprimatur of our involvement often acts as the necessary credibility check and facilitates the grantees in raising money from others.

Broadly speaking the expenditure incurred by us can be classified into four categories.  

Expenditure incurred on : 

1)   Salaries, retainers, fellowships, technology, equipment, travel, subscriptions and other general expenses for carrying on our primary objective of research, courses, publications, events etc.

2)   Special projects undertaken by our Centers and Platforms, 

3)   Grant schemes we announce from time to time

4)   Grants given based on third party proposals we receive from time to time.

In this report we only deal with items 2, 3 and 4. We are classifying this expenditure under the head Indica Renaissance Fund with an eventual goal to establish a separate structure for the same. The statement below is not to be construed as the annual accounts of our registered entities in India and the US and is only meant for showcasing some of the causes we support from time to time.

The Annual Report for the year 20-21 is given below :

S No Particulars Nature of the Grant Amount (Rs.) Remarks
1 Apastamba grhyasutra Commentary Project 40,000 Editing Work by Vishvas Vasuki
2 Become CSR Ready Grant Scheme Project 2,00,000 International Chandramauli Charitable Trust
3 Kutty Kahani ebook- Project 2,00,000 Shankarananda Kalakshetra
5 Source Book on Vrikshayirveda: Project 1,05,000 Centre for Indic Knowledge Systems (CIKS)
6 Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises (NICE) Project 16,78,684 Setup Grant
7 Vaidika Bharati Global Foundation Project 6,00,000 Mohit Bharadwaj towards establishing Veda Pathshala & organizing Vakhyartha sadas
8 Ayurveda Film Films 10,25,246 Film by Raadha Kalpa Dance Company
9 International Yoga Day Films 4,06,447 Film by Raadha Kalpa Dance Company
10 India’s Gift to the World & Demystifying the Aghora Films 6,00,000 Grants to Documentary films by Prachyam. Disbursed 1,20,000
11 Pururava Films 1,00,000 Film by Sarasrija Theatres
12 India Facts Publishing 11,13,577 Towards the cost of a digital magazine edited by Prof Ramesh Rao
13 Notion Press Publishing 11,50,000 Grant to 250 Authors
14 Tattvaloka Publishing 1,00,000 Grant for ‘Gems of Shankara’- Book by Prof. V Krishnamurthy
15 MyInd Book Publications Publishing 10,000 Yearbook
16 Samata Books Publishing 75,000 Republication of Adishankaracharya’s commentaries
17 Youtubers Publishing 6,00,000 Grants given to 10 Content Creators
18 Zoom Publishing 4,77,506 Subsrciptions given to Scholars & Institutions
19 Live Stream Publishing 1,21,120 Subscriptions given to Sages
20 Scholarship 77,750 Gift of 10 Writing Master Class Subsricptions
21 The Himalayan Writing Retreat Scholarship 13,65,150 Registration Grants to 99 Authors for attending Writing Workshops
22 Tenali Exams Scholarship 5,00,000 Annual Scholarship to 49 students of Shastras
23 Hindu University of America Scholarship 75,000 Scholarship to 5 students for Orientation to Hindu Studies Course
24 All India Oriental Conference – Centenary Celebrations Events 1,00,000 Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University
25 Ashtavadhanam Program Events 30,000 Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth
26 Dnyanvruda Foundation Events 50,000 Covid Relief to Vedapandits
27 Adi Sankara Digvijaya Yatra 2021 Events 2,00,000 Saptarishi Charitable Trust
28 National Integration, Rural Development & Youth Welfare Seminar at Pondicherry- 2021 Events 25,000 Swami Vivekananda Rural Community college
29 Aparkarma Anthyesti Vichara Gosthi Events 25,000 Sri Krishna Kalyanamanthap Hubli
30 Chennai Lit Fest Events 50,000 Indoi Analytics for Bharat
31 Kala Drishti Events 50,000 Talk Series at 11th Naada Bindu Festival (NBF)
32 Samskrita Bharati Telangana Events 10,000 Samskrit Teaching Camps
33 Late. Shivaramachari Covid Relief 1,85,000 Studio Rent paid to Khadi Gramodyog Maha Vidyalaya
34 Dnyanvruda Foundation Covid Relief 50,000 Covid Relief to Vedapandits
35 Nimmetikam Promotion 1,00,000 Towards meeting the campaign costs
36 Hindu Charter Trust Promotion 2,00,000 To promote awareness on establishing shadow temple trusts
37 Books Promotion 11,51,850 Books by various authors sent to influencers/reviewers
38 Shaktitiva Foundation General 3,75,000 Neha Srivastav for Outreach,Advocacy & Research
39 SRV Associations, USA General 6,00,000 Annual Grant for teaching Vedanta
40 S.N.Balagangadhara Research 12,00,000 Legacy Partnership Grant
41 Michel Danino Research 12,00,000 Legacy Partnership Grant. Disbursed 2,00,000