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Annual Report of IGENPLUS (20-21)

Annual Report of IGENPLUS (20-21)

A joint venture between Indic Academy and Soumya Aggarwal, IGENPLUS is a K12 school for culture and creativity that helps children transform into global leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Through programs that are based on our civilisational thought we endeavour to make our students rooted yet free.

The annual report for the 20-21 by Soumya Aggarwal is given below:

“In the past one year we designed multiple programs to meet various needs of the student. From 40 minute live webinar interaction to 3 months long intensive training, our programs filled the learning gaps built due to online learnings and restricted curriculum. 


Our activities can be segregated under 5 different categories:

  • Global Youth Leadership Certificate Program : (1 )
  • Contests : (18 )
  • Courses : (17)
  • Webinars : (39)
  • Workshops : (3)

A Total of 78 activities were conducted including a 3 month long certificate program- Global Youth Leadership Program with 15 students. 39 webinars were conducted with an average of 25 participants in each webinar and more than 200 views in the live webinars. 18 contests were conducted with FinBu Ninja being the largest competition conducted alongside 2 partners having received over 1700 applications. A total of 17 courses were conducted with each course providing the students with an average of 10 hrs of learning. Last year was certainly difficult but proved to be a big step for IGP’s entry into online education.

Area Statistics
Number of participants 1522
Countries represented by participants 7 – India, United Kingdom , United States of America, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates
Number of experts/speakers/faculty 117
Hours of Learning 521 hours 

Activity Details

  1. Global Youth Leadership Certificate Program 
No. Courses/Workshops/Learning Circles Speaker
1 Leadership in 21st Century- Public Leadership Shobhit Mathur
2 Public Speaking Rakesh Godhwani
3 Animation Abhishek Verma
4 Indic Values Swetha Prakash
5 Creative Writing Swetha Prakash
6 Entrepreneurship Vishesh Bansal (plus a group of other entrepreneurs)
7 Critical Writing Sandeep Sen
8 In.Vision- Focused on how tech is changing the world Shyam Krishnakumar

Titiksha Vashist

9 Regenerative Living Reena George
10 Rooted and Free- Focused on philosophy and issues teens are facing now a days Vikas Srivastava
11 Introduction to Legal Thinking Apurv Mishra
12 Zoomba Ayushee
13 Leadership lessons Nishtha
14 RootedAndFree Soumya
15 Governance Shobhit Mathur
16 Creativity Munmun
17 Gender Sugandha Parmar
18 Film making Samarth Mahajan
19 habits and marketing Deepti Chowdhury
20 Social emotional learning Radhika Gulati
21 Emerging media technologies Leela Gowtham Yanammadi
22 Economics Kamlesh Sir
23 design thinking Manika Walia
24 Who am I Nishtha/Ayushee
25 What are my biases Nishtha/Ayushee
26 What Limits me Nishtha/Ayushee
27 How do I be my best self Nishtha/Ayushee
28 Leadership in a VUCA world Nishtha/Ayushee


  1. Contests
No. Name
1 Photography
2 Roots and Shoots (II)
3 Poster Making
4 Case Study Challenge
5 Essay Writing (II)
6 Teen Masterchef Battle
7 Tiny Tale Contests: Write your super-short stories
8 Quaranteen’s Got Talent: A shout out to the teens!
9 TAKLATHON CHAMPIONSHIP: Motivate others with your speech
10 Poet of the Millennium: Call for Young Poets!
11 The Great Teen Chef! (II)
12 The Canvas Master
13 The Adaptive Sports Champion
14 Grandbond
15 Trash To treasure
16 Finbu Ninja
17 Young Economist
18 Writathon


  1. Courses
No. Name Speaker
1 Drishya Toral Shah
2 Young Orators Rakesh Godhwani
3 Indian Crafts Shonan Sharma
4 In.Vision Shyam Krishnakumar; Titiksha Vasist
5 Professional Writing Andrew Otis
6 Environmental Living Utsow Pradhan
7 Critical Thinking Madhu Sagaram
8 Leadership Lessons from Ramayana Shantanu Gupta
9 Minmini Yuva Deepa Kiran
10 Chanakya: Master Strategist and Philosopher Toral Shah
11 Introduction to Vedic Chanting Gayatri Iyer & Priya Nagesh
12 Mahabharata Shivakumar Ji
13 Power of Memory Shantala Ji
14 Design Games & Toys Surabhi Khanna
15 Yoga Sahadev Ji_Soham Academy
16 Sanskrit Abhinav Seetharaman
17 Vedic Scientific Thinking Sai Sasurula ji


  1. Webinars
No. Name Speaker
1 Learn to be a Global Leader Shantanu Gupta
2 Developing Creative Potential Manika Walia
3 Being a Healthy Digital Citizen Rijul Arora
4 Me or We For the Nation Shobhit Mathur
5 Learn to become an Entrepreneur Yuval Bloomberg
6 Learn The Art of Storytelling Vikram Sridhar
7 Art of Cooking Yash Saxena
8 Career Opportunities Post Corona World Pervin Malhotra
9 Career in 3D Printing Manish Nair
10 Science Behind Sci-Fi Deepti Chowdhary
11 Teenspiration Mohammad Ashik ; Janhavi Panwar
12 Indian Animation Beyond Disney Abhishek Verma
13 What I wish everyone knew about writing Sandeep Sen
14 Debates- Raise your argument not your voice Unnati Ved
15 Cultural Roots in Contemporary World Dr. D.K. Hari and Dr. D.K. Hema Hari
16 Ideas and Language Play (Nonsense Literature) Swetha Praksh
17 Building a safe space for yourself & your peers Manmeet
18 The Age of Anxiety: Is Life Meaningful Vikas Srivastava
19 Artificial Intelligence in video games Vedant Bassi
20 Creative Movement Therapy Shivani Govind
21 Emotions and Reasoning Deepti Chowdhary
22 Mindfulness Dr Mala Kapadia
23 Teen Authors Prisha, Ayushmaan, Samadrita
24 Knowing Itihaas Aarti Pathak
25 Magic of Indian Classical Dance Dr Padmaja Venkatesh Suresh
26 Amazing Geometry of Ancient India Bala Girisaballa
27 Science & Puraanas Sidharth Chhabra
28 Culturally Responsive Mathematics Swati Dave
29 Indian Maths Priya Nambrath
30 Mathematics Salil Sawarkar
31 Symbolism Through Stories Srihari Vitthal
32 Evolution of Sun Ganesh Swaminathan
33 Alternate Feminism Koral Dasgupta
34 Adaptive Leadership Namit Choksi
35 Know Yourself to Grow Yourself Namita Purohit
36 Teenagers on Seva Volunteers
37 Ahimsa Sushumna Ji
38 Sustainable Stories Multiple
39 Financial Literacy Multiple
  1. Workshops 
No. Name Speaker
1 Mathematics boot camp Multiple
2 Vedic Mathematics Gaurav Tekriwal
3 Goal Setting Manmeet Kaur


This was our intensive and meaningful journey. With the support of an all girl’s team and massive encouragement of the well-wishers, we reached very close to our targets. In the next year, we plan to go bigger and bolder.”

Soumya Aggarwal

CEO and Co-Founder