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Annual Report 2023-24 of Institute of Indic Wisdom

Annual Report 2023-24 of Institute of Indic Wisdom

The mission of the Institute of Indic Wisdom (IIW) is to establish Indic Wisdom as a reliable and meaningful source for leadership and executive coaching frameworks and models to supplement the psychology-based management theories and approaches that have dominated for the past 50+ years.

IIW believes that philosophical and spiritual models have to be contemporized and contextualized to develop useful and practical tools, frameworks, and approaches for individual, organizational, and ecosystem transformation. 

What we are doing at IIW is to make Sanatana Dharma evolve into a Nitya Nutana (Eternal to Ever Fresh) approach and make it meaningful for vyavaharika not just for paaramarthika application. IIW’s vision is to get more professors, researchers, coaches, and organizations to experiment with Indic wisdom and find it to be a viable, meaningful, and effective alternative to using Western models to develop flourishing organizations and ethical and innovative leaders.

The vision to launch an executive coaching program that not only draws from Indic Wisdom but also acknowledges its root sources from our scriptures was conceived in 2018. After an extensive search for experienced practitioners, coaches, and scholars to lead this initiative, we were fortunate to have Prasad Kaipa, Raghu Ananthanarayan, and Sai Sambath co-found Center for Consciousness Studies & Inner Transformation (CCSIT) in 2020. 

The CCSIT transformed into the ‘Institute for Indic Wisdom’ (IIWisdom) in 2023 when it became apparent that interest in India and Indic wisdom is going to increase across the world and CCSIT could scale up faster and contribute to leaders and organizations as an independent research think tank and as a design studio.

 The yearly report of the activities of IIW reflects a comprehensive and ambitious undertaking to integrate Indic wisdom into contemporary leadership and executive coaching practices. The transformation from the Center for Consciousness Studies & Inner Transformation (CCSIT) to IIW signifies not only a name change but an expanded vision and scope of work, underlining the increasing global interest in Indic philosophical and spiritual frameworks. This shift towards a more inclusive and diverse perspective on leadership development is commendable, especially in an era where conventional Western models are increasingly being questioned for their universality and effectiveness.

To fulfil our vision, we have taken up several activities beyond the executive coaching masters program and here is a summary report of our year.

  1. Workshop and Training Programs: Holistic Approach: IIW’s holistic and systemic approach to leadership and organizational development is a significant strength. By leveraging Indic wisdom, IIW offers a refreshing alternative to the predominantly psychology-based management theories that have dominated for over half a century. 

IIW has actively conducted both online and in-person workshops focused on awakening inner presence for leadership effectiveness, team efficiency, and organisational well-being. Highlights include:

  • An In-person Immersive Workshop in partnership with the National HRD Network for enabling leaders to channel their inner presence for fostering generative solutions at work.
  • Online Coach Training Program: A 22-week comprehensive course based on Yogic Wisdom, in collaboration with the Academy of AHRD, Ahmedabad.
  • Executive Performance Masterclass: Held in Los Altos, aimed at enhancing executive performance by leveraging emotional qualia.
  1. Advisory & Consulting Services (to generate additional revenue to support our research programs and expansion): Practical Application and Global Reach: The transition from theoretical understanding to practical application through workshops, coaching programs, and advisory services is noteworthy.  

Providing holistic coaching, mentoring, and leadership development solutions, particularly for Pakka Limited’s operations in India and North America, encompassing:

  • HR Policies and Leadership Development: Offering end-to-end guidance on HR policies, talent management, team building, leadership development, culture building, and HR process automation.

Potential Engagement with Jaipur Rugs:

  • IIW embarked on a holistic and systemic engagement with Jaipur Rugs, beginning with comprehensive field visits and a detailed sensing report, aiming to develop an innovative ecosystem for the company and its stakeholders. Based on further discussions, we might start working with Jaipur Rugs in 2024.

III. Indic Samvad Series:

A series of seven live dialogues explored diverse topics such as Dharmic Leadership, Indic approaches to Human Development, Indic Psychometric Tools, and Leadership Lessons from Indian History.

  1. Advocacy & Influence Services: IIW’s efforts in advocacy and influence through various platforms with a focus on engaging with diverse audiences, from youth to executives, indicates a comprehensive strategy to promote Indic wisdom across different life stages and professional contexts.

Through partnerships with platforms like The Brand Called You (TBCY), TAL Radio, Google’s Hindus Steering Committee, and North South Foundation, IIW delivered:

  • Podcasts and Webinars: Featuring Prasad Kaipa’s application of IIW’s Inner Presence Model to various contexts including youth development, early career growth, and executive performance.
  • Keynote Addresses: Delivered by Prasad Kaipa at notable conferences and colloquiums, discussing the application of Indic Wisdom in modern contexts and the intersection of AI with Indic Wisdom.
  1. Participation in Conferences and Councils:
  • Open Space Conference, Dharamshala: Hosting a session on global dissemination of Indian Wisdom, facilitated by Prasad Kaipa and Anil Grover.
  • National HR Conference on Ancient Wisdom, Jaisalmer: Presentation by Sai Sambat on IIW’s Human Field Theory and Inner Presence Model, solidifying IIW’s position as a founding member of the United Council for Ancient Wisdom.
  1. Social Media and Online Engagement:
  • Indic Wisdom Series on LinkedIn: Leveraging Prasad Kaipa’s book, “Discontinuous Learning”, and extending reach through the Wisdom Channel on YouTube.
  • Upcoming Live Interactions: Announcing future LinkedIn live sessions with Prasad Kaipa on “Discontinuous Learning” and the “Our Gita Project” focused on practical life applications post-reading the Bhagavad Gita.

We have several research projects that are being discussed with Dr. Julia Storberg-Walker of George Washington University, Dr. Samba Reddy of Texas A & M University in the areas of Inner Presence, emotional resilience and mindfulness based on availability of funds in the upcoming years. These will give us the evidence base that help us publish more academic articles and engage with scholars from different universities.

IIW’s efforts to bridge ancient wisdom with modern leadership challenges are both ambitious and timely. By addressing the noted areas for improvement, IIW can further solidify its position as a pioneering institute dedicated to fostering ethical, innovative, and effective leadership and organizational practices worldwide.

(This report has been compiled by Co-Founders of Institute of Indic Wisdom, Shri Prasad Kaipa, Shri Raghu Ananthanarayan, and Shri Sai Sambath)