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Annual Report 2023-24 Of Center for Yoga Studies

Annual Report 2023-24 Of Center for Yoga Studies

Centre for Yoga Studies (CYS) is a multifaceted Yoga Studies Center that envisions the well-being of all beings. CYS is established on a 5-fold foundation referred to as Pancha Peethas.

  • Harmonizing Philosophy, Psychology, and Practice of Yoga
  • Embracing the Spiritual Purpose, Complimenting Sutras with Shastras
  • Harnessing the Power of Sanskrit and Mantras
  • Celebrating Diversity in Yoga
  • Honouring the Origin and Cultural Foundations

CYS places a strong emphasis on establishing a profound connection between philosophy, psychology, and practice to fully comprehend yoga as a transformative tool for inner development. We believe that all three elements are indispensable for a comprehensive understanding and to experience the holistic benefits of yoga.

CYS considers the Yoga Sutras as the heart of yoga, and we further believe that the study of the Sutras needs to be complemented with Ayurveda and Vedanta Shastras to bring out the shared connections. The practice of yoga is only the first step towards one’s spiritual growth, and this vision remains at the core of our approach and offerings.

At CYS, we cherish the authenticity and integrity of Yoga by recognizing and respecting its cultural foundations in the ancient wisdom of India. While acknowledging its universal applications, we remain mindful of the context of its origin in Bharatha, which has nurtured Yoga for thousands of years through the diverse experiences of seekers and sacred spaces. Modern Yoga must embrace and pay tribute to this evolutionary process.

We organise talks, workshops, courses, conferences, symposiums, retreats and festivals. We seek to offer transformative learning experiences that are authentic and immersive based on the following principles:

Journey so far

So far we have conducted 7 online courses, 6 online workshops, 10 residential retreats, weekly talks – Yoginsights, Yoga Pravesha, Ayush Talks, Veda Sampada, one Yoga Foundation course and 10 Weekends with Wisdom sessions.

We conducted the first-ever “Online Global Festival of Yoga” in 2020-2021(10k registrations, 112 sessions) and 2021-2022 (4667 registrations, 53 sessions). Two international conferences were held on Philosophy & Praxis of Yoga 2020: Issues of Authenticity, Integrity & Ingenuity and Philosophy & Praxis of Yoga 2021: Hatha Yoga:  Unravelling Texts and Traditions.

The Suryanamaskar Marathon a Digitally Guided Suryanamaskar Practice helped raise Rs Rs 1.6 crore towards Covid relief which was awarded to charity partner Youth for Seva towards supporting children’s education.

Annual round up

Our biggest event – the Mysuru Yoga Utsava, was the third in a series following two successful online global festivals in 2020 and 2021. It had a confluence of 30 teachers from 6 countries, 29 sessions including inauguration and valedictory; multiple venues parallelly, 250 registered delegates from 10 countries along with 50+ invitee delegates; 30+ collaborating organizations; 2 book launches, 10+ stalls, an exhibition of Mysuru Yoga Tradition; 2 mega cultural events featuring more than 35 artists.

As a prelude to the Utsava and as part of its core activity, CYS held 36 talks (19 online, 16 offline) exploring various themes in Yoga. These include the importance of Prana: Introduction & Practice, Acheiving Maitri through Yoga, Yoga Sutra Chanting, Pranayama Session and its role in Yoga chikitsa, Health Perspectives of Shatkarma, a talk on A Talk on Vasudhaiva Yoga Kutumbhakam, A Talk on Traditional Yoga Philosophy & Practice and others.

CYS held four workshops in the year. Flight To Freedom: Exploring The Panchakosha Model And Its Practical Applications by Nrithya Jagannathan of KYM, Yoga Foundation Course (Residential) 2 by Dr Vinayachandra Bhanavathi, and the Chanting Teacher Training Programme and a programme on Dimensions of Health and Wellbeing held by Shri Sridhar Deshmukh.

CYS conducted several retreats at Rithambara: Antaranga Yoga – The key to a beautiful life by Sri. Raghu Ananth Narayan, Behavioural scientist, yoga teacher and author, Vedic Chanting Immersion by Veda Brahmashri Sri Arvindaksha Bhatta, Inner Strength and Lasting peace by Swami Chidananda, Inner Strength & Lasting Peace: The Teachings of Sanat Kumāra in the Chāndogya Upanishad by Swami Chidananda ji.

 Veda Chanting: Veda Studies and Indica Yoga jointly conducted a One year intensive Teacher Training Certification Course on Vedic Chanting to train the prospective Yoga teachers to learn mantras and chanting.

Veda Studies led by Smt Shantala Sriramaiah launched its first Chanting Teacher Training program in 2022, which came to an end in 2023 with a graduation ceremony on the 27 of May.  28 Students from 20 different countries took part in the course.

Rithambara Retreat

Ritambhara Gurukulam offers an idyllic ashram setting for short duration programs, workshops and retreats allowing the participants an ideal opportunity to reflect, learn and grow through every moment of their stay and activity at the retreat.

Located close to Bengaluru city, the retreat can accommodate groups of 20 participants in its green campus. Facilities at the campus include shared accommodation, classrooms, library, Yoga Hall, dining hall, garden and a farm. The entire campus is aesthetically designed and constructed with a visual access to a centrally located large banyan tree that symbolizes the fountainhead of knowledge. 

(This report has compiled by the team at Center for Yoga Studies Home – Indica Yoga headed by Dr Vinayachadnra B K and Shri Datta Prasad)