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Announcing the Shortlist of Writers for the Anthology on Indic Women of Substance

Announcing the Shortlist of Writers for the Anthology on Indic Women of Substance

Indic Academy is pleased to announce a short list of 10 stories for its first Anthology on Indic Women of Substance.

We earlier made an announcement on 15-Oct-2020 for Short Stories on Indic Women of Substance with a focus on characters from Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas. We received an overwhelming response to our call. Upon requests received from the writers we postponed the deadline from 15-Dec-2020 to 22-Jan-2021. We finally received ~50 Submissions prompting us to consider potentially three anthologies ! Throughout this duration we received many more queries of interest and curiosity in the project. Every submission had merit and potential .Ancient women of Bharateeyaa Parampara continue to inspire us to reimagine their relevance in our present times and lives.

Here is the list of the first 10 writers.

  1. Manjula Akumalla
  2. Deepak MR
  3. Ranjit R
  4. Bharati V
  5. Rohini Gupta
  6. Krishna Kavita
  7. Rajani  Muralidhar
  8. Celia Pillai
  9. Madhurima Malladeb
  10. Prasad Kulkarni

We congratulate these writers who will now be invited to a writing workshop, after which they will have time to rework their drafts based on the insights gained in the workshop. The writers will also have the opportunity to learn from their cohorts. The curator will lead and guide the writers in this process.

Further, we have shortlisted another 20 stories for a second and possibly third anthology. These writers will also be mentored by our Curator, encouraged to rework on their drafts and then exposed to a writing workshop.

Commenting on the development, Curator for this Anthology Shivakumar GV “These are exciting times to create a resurgence in the reimagination of stories from our tradition. It is through a creative reimagination that we bring the essence of our past into the present.”

Hari Kiran, Founder of Indic Academy “ At Indic Academy we have been at the forefront of environment and social causes viewed from an Indigenous lens. We are the first institute in India to have established an ESG Council with Author, Columnist, Teacher of Ancient Indian History & Epics, Sumedha Ojha Verma as a member of the Council focussed on gender related issues. Earlier we have given a grant to Shaktitiva Foundation which seeks to help women through outreach, advocacy and research based on Hindu Dharmika principles, founded by Neha Srivastava a social entrepreneur of very high calibre and commitment. We also held the first ever seminar on Indic Feminism. With the publication of this anthology we take one more step towards establishing an Indigenous and Indic view on Feminism. Congratulations to our Curator Shivakumar for his tireless efforts in bringing out this Anthology”