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Announcement of Conference Calendar for the Year 2023-24

Announcement of Conference Calendar for the Year 2023-24

We at INDICA have pioneered conferences both in terms of exploring unique themes as well as organising them in locations linked to the theme of the conference. Since 2019, we have organised twenty one conferences of which forteen were online and seven in person.

We are now pleased to announce the 2023-24 calendar for Eight in person conferences at locations linked to the theme of the conference.

S.NO Name of the Conference Date Place
1 Conference on Vaishnavism APR 29-30th Srirangam, Tamil Nadu
2 Conference on Contributions of IKS to the World JUN 15-16th New Delhi
3 Conference on Tantra and Tantric Traditions AUG 25-27th Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa
4 Conference on Bharat’s Educational Heritage and Pedagogy OCT 27-29th Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
5 Thirtha Yatra & Conference On Kumbha Mela & Pushkaram DEC 01-02nd Prayagraj, UP
6 Conference on Buddhist Traditions in India and Beyond DEC 15-17th Nalanda/Sanchi, Bihar/Madhya Pradesh
7 Conference On “The Episteme And Experience Of Bhakti” FEB 12-13th Bhadrachalam, Telangana
8 Conference on Jain Traditions MAR 22-23rd Jodhpur, Rajasthan


Detailed call for papers will be issued for each of the above conferences in due course of time.

We are looking for Co-Curators for the Conferences on Tantra, Buddhist Traditions and Jain Traditions. Interested scholars may write to us with their detailed resume highlighing their expertise in the topic at


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Summary of Conferences from July 2019 to March 2023
# Conference On Curator(s) Date(s) Venue No. of Speakers
Paper Presenters Invited Speakers
1 Vedic Mindfulness Dr. Nagaraj Paturi 26-Jul-19 IGNCA, Delhi 18 1
2 Oneness Dr. Nagaraj Paturi 15-17-Oct-19 CIF, Veliyanad, Kochi 46 26
3 Yatra Dr. Nagaraj Paturi & Smt. Anuradha Goel 15-17-Nov-19 BHU, Varanasi 41 4
4 Hindu Traditions Of Sex, Gender And Sexuality Dr. Nagaraj Paturi & Gopi Shankar 31-Jan-20 IGNCA, Delhi 4 9
5 Philosophy and Praxis of Yoga 2020 Dr. Nagaraj Paturi & Dr. Vinaya Chandra B K 15-16-Feb-20 Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore 33 10
6 Hindu Rituals Dr. Nagaraj Paturi & C. K. Sridhar 18-Apr-20 Online 11 7
7 Indigenous Environmentalism Dr. Nagaraj Paturi 16-17-May-20 Online 14 10
8 Puranas & Indic Knowledge Systems Dr. Nagaraj Paturi 26-27-Mar-21 Online 26 5
9 Hatha Yoga 2021 Dr. Vinaya Chandra B K 24-25-Apr-21 Online 18 4
10 Hindu Aesthetics Dr. Nagaraj Paturi 30-31-Jul-21 Online 22 2
11 Hinduism & Modern Psychology Dr. Nagaraj Paturi 27-28-Aug-21 Online 13 4
12 Western Buddhism Koenraad Elst 25-Sep-21 Online 8
13 Polytheism Today & Tomorrow Edward P Butler 28-29-Oct-21 Online 5 6
14 Hindu Arts, Architecture & Artisan Traditions Dr. Nagaraj Paturi & Smt. Shefali Vaidya 19-20-Nov-21 Online 17 3
15 Hindu Meditation Traditions & Techniques Dr. Nagaraj Paturi & Dr. M Jayaraman 11-12-Dec-21 Online 25 2
16 Indigenous Story Telling Traditions of India Dr. Nagaraj Paturi, Shivakumar GV & Deepa Kiran 21-22-Jan-22 Online 22 10
17 Hinduism & Environmentalism Dr. Nagaraj Paturi 11-12-Feb-22 Online 21 2
18 Feminine in Hinduism Dr. Nagaraj Paturi & Ms. Sumedha Verma Ojha 26-27-Mar-22 Cotton University, Guwahati 33 7
19 Shaivism Dr. Nagaraj Paturi & Manish Maheshwari 29-30-Apr/7-May-22 BHU, Varanasi/Onine 32 9
20 Hindu Thoughts on Ethics, Law & Justice Dr. Nagaraj Paturi & Megh Kalyanasundaram 28-May-22 Online 7 6
21 Conference on Kashmir Dr. Nagaraj Paturi & Ms.Dimple Kaul 15-Oct-22 Online 8 3
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