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8th Anniversary of INDICA

8th Anniversary of INDICA

Our strategy has been guided by the following three principles:

Since our inception, we have aimed to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to everything we do. This has included thinking exponential, taking risks, and treading new paths with a number of unique initiatives. We have also sought to foster this can-do attitude among all those who are passionate about discovering, nurturing, and promoting our heritage.

Today marks our 8th anniversary of promoting the timeless wisdom of our heritage.

  1. Integrated – Our activities span the entire spectrum of textual, embodied, and experiential knowledge systems and traditions.
  2. Inclusive – We remain a neutral platform with diverse thoughts and voices as reviving pluralism is at the heart of our mission.
  3. Individual – Our key purpose is to enable seekers to fulfill their purpose. We support academics, activists, artists, and authors by helping them fulfill their dreams, based on the philosophy of focusing on the narrator and not the narrative.

We believe that the revival of Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) can only happen if the pedagogy is revived. IKS is not just objective knowledge but the very means to understand the subjective Self. Reviving the Guru-Shishya Parampara is therefore fundamental and at the very core of our mission. This requires teachers to be transformed into embodied scholars or Gurus, teaching to take place in a gurukulam, and students to approach this knowledge with a sense of shraddha and sacredness. Without these three conditions, all attempts at the revival of IKS will remain superficial.

Our next phase is therefore focused solely on these aspects. We are planning to build a multidisciplinary gurukulam at Jadcherla, Hyderabad with a research center that bridges all knowledge systems and nurtures teachers into embodied scholars. Our in-person events already emphasize shraddha, and going forward, when the gurukulam is complete, we expect our students to firmly be on a path of inner transformation.

We thank all our colleagues, volunteers, donors and supporters who have helped us reach this point.

We seek your blessings as we continue our journey.

Hari Vadlamani

Founder, INDICA