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5 Scholarships for a Workshop by Chetan Mahajan, Himalayan Writing Retreat

5 Scholarships for a Workshop by Chetan Mahajan, Himalayan Writing Retreat

Indic academy offers a 100% scholarship for the Online Creative Writing Workshop being conducted by Chetan Mahajan of  Himalayan Writing Retreat (HWR). The program fee is INR 18000 and the academy foots the entire bill for selected candidates.

So far, the academy has sponsored 76 writing scholarships for various retreats/online workshops by HWR.

From November, this scholarship will be reduced to 90%. * This means the selected participants will need to pay INR 1800, and the balance will be covered by the Indic academy.

The last batch to receive the 100% scholarship starts this Saturday, October 10. Only five seats remain in that Creative Writing Workshop. To learn more about the workshop curriculum, please visit . To apply for the scholarship, you have to complete the application form which requires a writing sample and your Indic credentials. You can apply at . The deadline is 12 noon on Thursday the 8th of October.

We are specifically looking to encourage writers on our  civilisational knowledge and history as well as those who intellectually and emotionally belong to our civilisation. If selected, you will be required to accept the scholarship by publicly accepting and endorsing the Indic Pledge. The details for acceptance are shared below.

( * The only reason we are asking the writers to pay 10% is because we recently had an experience where a candidate who confirmed the participation did not join the workshop and more importantly did not respond to the repeated reminder messages by HWR. This caused us embarrassment with HWR as they would have otherwise been able to allocate the place to someone else.)