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Weekend With Wisdom – Koenraad Elst

Weekend With Wisdom – Koenraad Elst

We are inviting a small group of research students and committed public intellectuals to spend a weekend with Koenraad Elst for a retreat over the weekend. This is one of our events for the ‘Weekend With Wisdom’ initiative.

The retreat will be unstructured, unlike a regular workshop, in order to facilitate free exchange of ideas. The method of teaching, ideating and generating conversations are entirely left to the participants and Koenraad Elst.

If you are a student or a public intellectual following Koenraad Elst’s work and wish to build on his research, write to us with your profile and statement of purpose at We will be pleased to host you. We are confident that you will come away with ideas that are inspiring lasting.

Date: 20th-21st March, 2020.
Venue: Bangaluru