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Update on Writing Courses and Workshops

Update on Writing Courses and Workshops

Indic Academy, from the time of its inception in 2015, has been working to encourage and strengthen penmanship. We believe that a change in the narrative can only begin with a change in narration.

We have been actively encouraging public intellectuals to develop an RRR framework focusing on respectful academic rigor-based writing backed by research, for, such writing has a long-lasting impact and is read by people sans ideological bias.

We conduct periodic writing workshops and retreats and also sponsor upcoming writers through writing grants for participation in programs conducted by other reputed instructors and institutions.

Here is our progress, till date.

Summary of Writing Workshops/Courses

S No Particulars Organisation/Instructor Year No of Persons
1 Writing Workshop Multiple 2016 80
2 Writing Retreats Himalayan Writing Retreat 2019 06
3 Writing Course Otis Haschemeyer 2017 20
4 Masterclass Multiple 2016-2020 53
5 Writing Workshop Otis Haschemeyer 2020 05
6 Writing Workshops Himalayan Writing Retreat 2020 64
Total 228