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Update on Grants for Video Conferencing Platforms

Update on Grants for Video Conferencing Platforms

In order to encourage online teaching, we had earlier announced a new grant scheme for academics, scholars, public intellectuals and educational institutions in the field of Shastras, Indic Knowledge Systems and Indology for  subscribing to an appropriate plan of  any other video conferencing platform.

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We are now pleased to announce as an update particulars of grants that were made under this scheme to the following intellectuals and institutions.

# Name Subscription
1 Jammalamadaka Srinivas Individual License
2 Vyoma Samskrita Patashala Webinar 500
3 Madhu Sagaram Individual License
4 Sumedha Verma Ojha Individual License
5 Young Thinkers Forum (Ashutosh Thakur) Individual License
6 Raghunandana Individual License
7 Indi Tales (Anuradha Goyal) Individual License
8 Shyam Sunder Sharma, JMI University Individual License
9 Jammalamadaka Suryanarayana Individual License
10 DR.Vijayanand G. Patel Individual License


This grant scheme remains open and we encourage those eligible to apply to us at We remain platform agnostic and leave the choice to the applicant.