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Seeking proposals for Design & Delivery of Culture & Creativity Curriculum for K-12 children

Seeking proposals for Design & Delivery of Culture & Creativity Curriculum for K-12 children

IGENPLUS ( is a K-12 school for culture and creativity promoted by Indic Academy in collaboration with Ms. Soumya Aggarwal.

We believe that our Indic civilizational ethos enables children to be both rooted and free. As we enter a world full of dynamic changes, IGenPlus helps children, in expressing their full potential and in transforming them into global leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Our Yogi + and Creative + programs, offered outside the traditional classrooms and curriculum, include courses, contests, events, and experiences.

We started our journey in June 2018 with the first-ever Indic festival for teenagers. Following this successful program, we have conducted one immersive learning program, one more teenage festival, three-day-long workshops, ten online courses, twenty-three webinars, and twenty competitions. Through these initiatives, we have trained more than five thousand teenagers from India, UK, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the USA.

The courses, contests, events, and experiences offered since our inception are elaborated below.


We have successfully offered a variety of courses online on topics such as Chanakya, Vedic Chanting, Drishya, Indian Crafts, Environmental Living, Leadership Lessons from Ramayana, In-Vision, to name a few. By bringing a range of subject-matter experts we have been able to offer online learning experiences on important topics pertaining to Indian Culture, Ecology, and Technology.


We have also organized a variety of contests such as Story WritingPhotographyAce Plus, Roots and Shoots, and Poster Making to name a few, as a way towards cultivating newer skills and keeping the sporting and competitive spirits alive in the young students.


As a way of engaging with students during the lockdown, we have started conducting weekend webinars. Topics such as ‘Learn to be a Global Leader’, Career Opportunities in a Post-COVID World, ‘Developing Creative Potential, Art of Cooking,  AI & Indian Animation have received popular online gathering and immense appreciation. Our webinars have successfully served as a platform for engaging teenagers with various Indic cultural enthusiasts, young entrepreneurs and artists, across the country and the world.

With an aim to present students with different skill-building opportunities and to facilitate exploration of one’s potential through exposure to various contemporary subjects, group and individual projects we launched “Global Youth Leadership Program (GYLP)”- a 3 month long online structured learning experience for students of 10th -12th to discover their career and leadership potential.


We also curated cultural experiences like “Inside India” – a one of a kind travel experience through the temples, soundscapes, music, and heritage of South India. “Inside India” offered an experience to engage with language, food, customs, and traditions of the diverse Indian culture. Apart from this we also hosted two Indic Teen Fests where teenagers were exposed to different fields, learned from accomplished speakers, and met peers from all over the country.

Seeking Partners:

We are now seeking partnerships with individuals and institutions for designing, developing, and delivering culture and creativity curriculum. More specifically if you –


    1. Have written a book(s) that can be converted into an online course
    2. Can convert a book into an online course
    3. Have already designed an online course and are looking to expand your reach.
    4. Have experience in designing a curriculum in field of culture and creativity


    1. Are a school or have suitable physical infrastructure for conducting weekend classes.
    2. Have Technical capability to produce online content

please do write to us at