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Seeker’s Pledge

Seeker’s Pledge

Over the last few years, Indic Academy, through its Indica Renaissance Fund, has emerged as one of the largest grant giving institutions in the domains that it serves.

We actively enable individuals and institutions to pursue their goals through our financial support. We offer grants for scholarships, research, fees, events, publications, travel, projects and other scholarly endeavors.

Our initial grant applications were channeled through known references. The subsequent rise in both the number of requests and the volume of grants led us to institute a transparent, multi-step process with well defined criteria. It was stipulated that an Indic Pledge be signed by the beneficiaries and shared on their social media. This pledge found a deep resonance with all the recipients and has worked out well for us.

With the establishment of a Center for Consciousness Studies and Inner Transformation, Yogacharya Alliance and the rapid growth of Indica Yoga and Advaita Academy, we intend to increase our support to seekers. Indic Academy aims to support only those seekers who honour our tradition and believe in authentic and immersive methodologies and practices. It is our endeavor not engage with practitioners who adopt and actively promote a reductionist approach.

To these ends, we have formulated the following Seeker’s Pledge to be signed and shared on social media by those who share our value system and are willing to be part of our supported community in active pursuit of their spiritual and yogic goals. The pledge is a textual adaptation of Pancha Mahayajna to suit practitioners from diverse spiritual paths and traditions.

Seeker’s Pledge

I seek inner transformation through the pursuit of authentic and immersive methodologies and practices.

I will acknowledge and express gratitude to the cause of this creation, sages for their wisdom, ancestors for my being, fellow humans and other living beings for their contribution and support in my journey.