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Public Patronage Partnership – Announcing a Matching Grant for 2 Scholars

Public Patronage Partnership – Announcing a Matching Grant for 2 Scholars

We have recently announced a scheme “Public Patronage Partnership” to encourage Public Intellectuals, Scholars and Academics to open accounts with Patreon or any equivalent platform and seek assistance from the public for their research with an assurance that Indica Renaissance Fund would match the contribution by the public upto an amount of Rs 5000 PM for a period of one year.

Please see our announcement here :

Two scholars/public intellectuals have since responded to our appeal. Their particulars in their own words are given below :

A. Nilesh Nilkanth Oak is an author, researcher, speaker, and corporate consultant. He holds BS, MS in Chemical Engineering, and an executive MBA. He has published 3 books and writes extensively on ancient Indian history. Nilesh helps Indians become aware of the deep antiquity of Indian civilization so that they truly comprehend, present, or defend the grand narrative of India unlike most other Indic researchers because he builds it through scientific acumen and logical reasoning. Besides original research, Nilesh is a connector of the dots and his research work encompasses multiple disciplines of hard sciences – astronomy, archaeology, geology, hydrology, oceanography, genetics, paleontology, climatology, anthropology, Indian Darshana Shastra, and ancient Indian narratives. He is an honorary faculty at the Institute of Advanced Sciences, Dartmouth, MA, USA.The links to his books, blogs, videos, research accomplishments, and social media platforms are below:

Here is the link to his Patreon account :


B. Vishas leads Dyugangā, a work group dedicated to the promotion of ever-victorious Hindu ideals and arts. It’s current focus is in presenting important texts for easy study. The texts may be presented as audio files (eg: MahAbhArata audio book project), as web pages (eg: V’s mantra notesEkAgnikANDa commentary on wikisource), as dictionaries (eg: stardict). He also contributes to free open source software useful for Hindu practitioners, scholars and students – see various repos under orgs such as sanskrit-programmersjyotishaindic-dict etc. (Full list under github profile).

Here is a link to his appeal :


We encourage all our readers and followers on social media to support their work and become their patrons. We will match your contribution to the extent of Rs 5000 PM upto a period of one year.

We also appeal to other Scholars, Academics and Public Intellectuals to open accounts with Patreon or any other equivalent platform and make appeals for crowdfunding the resources required for their research. We would match the amount so raised upto an amount of Rs 5000 pm for a period of one year.