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Notion Press Scholarships For Upcoming Writers

Notion Press Scholarships For Upcoming Writers

Notion Press has partnered with Indic Academy to offer 100 writers a scholarship of Rs. 5,000 each to publish their first book under our flagship Guided Publishing Program. Writers will be selected by a panel of editors from Notion Press. You can apply for the scholarship here.

Scholarship Details:

  1. The scholarship is open to authors of Indian origin writing across Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry genres.
  2. The scholarship is only open to the first 100 authors who want to start publishing immediately.
  3. Once accepted, the author must carry the Indic Pledge page in their book.

About Indic Academy:

Indic Academy is a non-traditional ‘university’ for traditional knowledge. IA seeks to bring about a global renaissance based on Indic civilizational and indigenous thought, by pursuing a multidimensional strategy across time, space and cause and by establishing centers of excellence, transforming intellectuals and building an ecosystem. Over the past 5 years, Indic Academy has supported hundreds of authors get published and has organised over 150 book launches around the world.