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Indica Renaissance Fund Grant for Heritage Olympiad

Indica Renaissance Fund Grant for Heritage Olympiad

Indica Renaissance Fund is pleased to announce a support of Rs 50000 to Cultre a company promoted by Vaibhav Chouhan and Anjchita B Nair for hosting India’s first web-based Olympiad on the arts, culture & heritage to sensitize young minds to India’s rich and multi-faceted cultural heritage. Built in collaboration with experts in cultural sector and education, this program enriches educational practice with heritage education while communicating the core values that underlie Indian intellectual heritage. Heritage Olympiad aims to provide a comprehensive test of all things related to Indian heritage, focusing on its three main aspects:

  • Tangible Heritage
  • Intangible Heritage
  • Natural Heritage

The Olympiad to be held on World Heritage Day- 18th April 2021 and will be conducted for 4 Groups

  1. Group 1- Classes 5th- 7th
  2. Group 2- Classes 8th- 10th
  3. Group 3- Classes 11th & 12th
  4. Group 4- University/ General Enthusiast

The topics that will be covered are:

  • Knowledge Traditions: Philosophy, oral traditions, healing practices.
  • Visual and Material Arts :  Sculpture, cinema, textiles,
  • Performing Arts : Dance, music, puppetry, theatre…
  • Literature and Languages:  Authors, works, language histories…
  • Practices and Rituals: Festivals, cuisines, life-cycle rituals…
  • Histories : Places, movements, social change…
  • People : Artistes, scholars, practitioners…
  • Built Spaces : Places of worship, memorials, historic sites…
  • Institutions : Museums, universities, cultural centres…
  • History of Science : Industrial, railway, astronomical heritage
  • Natural Environment Ecosystems, native species, national parks.

IGENPLUS ( a platform promoted by Indic Academy in collaboration with Soumya Aggarwal will also partner with IA in promoting this event.

Commenting on the development, D.V. Sridharan, Co-Founder of Indica Renaissance Fund ‘We are extremely pleased to extend this grant to Cultre. Both Vaibhav and Anjchita have an excellent track record and the concept of Heritage Olympiad is unique and much needed to inculcate a sense of identity and heritage to our children’