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INDICA Co-Grants Scheme – Invitation to Institutional Donors and HNIs

INDICA Co-Grants Scheme – Invitation to Institutional Donors and HNIs

Over the last five years Indic Academy (IA) has emerged as an institution with a wide variety of grant schemes. IA offers grants for scholarships, registrations fees, travel, research & fellowship, projects, events, publishing & promotions. These grants have enabled several individuals and institutions fulfil their objectives. With the formation of INDICA Inc, our activities have now extended from the United States. We now invite institutional donors and HNIs who are keen on preserving, protecting and promoting our civilisational thought to partner with us in our Co-Grant scheme. Those interested may empanel with us indicating their specific areas of interest. As and when we examine requests for grants, we will circulate the same to our donor panel with a covering note indicating the level of our commitment as well as the total amount of request made. Members of the panel can then choose to participate in the grant proposal if it satisfies their individual criteria.

Commenting on the Co – Grant Scheme, Hari Kiran, Founder said, “We have emerged as the first port of call for individuals and institutions seeking grants for any activity in the Indic space. Through our Co-Grant Scheme we are offering an opportunity to Institutional Donors and Family Offices of HNIs keen on preserving and promoting our heritage, indigenous knowledge systems, encouraging arts and nurturing sustainable practices to have access to our pipeline and make grants to only those proposals that meet their criteria. We believe it is a win win for all.”

Interested may write to for empanelment.

About INDICA Inc :

INDICA Inc is a not for profit company with an 501 (1) (3) exemption from IRS. The office bearers are

a) Avatans Kumar as President

b) Hari Kiran Vadlamani as Secretary

c) Vishal Agarwal as Director.

The following grants were made in the last one year.