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IBC announces a ‘Purvapakshin Review Club’

IBC announces a ‘Purvapakshin Review Club’

Our civilisational thought has had a long history of debates, especially the concept of Purva Paksha, requiring a thorough understanding of the opponent’s view before criticising the same. In the recent times Shri Rajiv Malhotra has revived this tradition through his books and discourses.

In order to encourage reviewers to read books written by authors whose viewpoint is divergent from one’s own, IBC is now pleased to launch a ‘Purvapakshin Review Club’. Members who sign up will receive books that do not necessarily confirm to their civilisational thought either in its entirety or in part thereof. It is expected that the members will read these books to understand the points made from the other side and write reviews summarising the book’s arguments and then counter them with their own.

Through this initiative we hope to encourage rebuttals that are backed with research, rigour, and respect.

Most of the books for review will be academic or semi-academic in nature.

We are looking for deeply committed academics, research scholars, public intellectuals, and students.

Those interested may please fill up this form.

We dedicate this initiative in honour of Sri Rajiv Malhotra.