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Grant to SRV Associations

Grant to SRV Associations

We are pleased to announce a $8000 grant to SRV Associations, USA by INDICA Inc USA

SRV Associations provides seekers with the spiritual tools to increase devotion to God, study and understand the revealed scriptures, meditate on Divine Reality, serve God in living beings, gain peace of mind, and, ultimately, to attain Enlightenment. To this end,  SRV engage in service:

    • To spread Vedanta in the West and the World as inspired by Swami Vivekananda.
    • To bring the teachings of the Indian Sanatana dharma to families and children.
    • To inspire the people, and especially the youth, of America, to take to the spiritual path.
    • To produce some awakened souls in the West who can continue to teach dharma.

To fulfill this Mission, SRV Associations maintains 3 centers for spiritual teaching & practice, offers 6 – 7 retreats each year; Publishes books and teaching materials on India’s Wisdom, and the annual journal Nectar of Non-Dual Truth (Advaita-satya-amritam).

SRV has increased its online presence with more classes and satsangs and successfully held its first online seminar. Additionally, SRV just opened a new membership/community website organized as an “Ashram of the Subtle Realms” which, like a real ashram, has classrooms, libraries, classes and satsang with the teacher, fellowship, and a developing shrine room.

SRV have published a compendium of India’s teachings, “Footfalls of the Indian Rishis – Charting the Scriptures of Mother India”. This handbook of India’s Timeless Wisdom is an expansive and comprehensive resource for students, practitioners, and teachers alike, which spans the spectrum of philosophical schools and religious Ideals. A work in progress for almost 15 years, Babaji Bob Kindler created hundreds of charts on Yoga, Sankhya, Vedanta, Advaita Vedanta, Tantra, Yoga Vasishtha, Buddhism, and the Ramakrishna lineage. Those who have seen the black and white teaching charts appearing in Nectar and their color versions during Babaji’s online classes, can now enter into a concentrated study of them along with hundreds more, each accompanied by detailed commentary. An extensive glossary of Sanskrit terms is included.

Please take a tour at

You can place the preorder here :

Commenting on the grant, Hari Kiran Founder said ” We have been working with SRV Associations since 2011  promoting Babaji’s talks on Advaita Academy ( Babaji’s extensively uses charts with his teachings. All these charts are now soon to published as a book. We are looking forward to promoting this book in India.”

INDICA Inc is a not for profit company with an 501 (1) (3) exemption from IRS. The office bearers are

    1. Avatans Kumar as President,
    2. Hari Kiran Vadlamani as Secretary and
    3. Vishal Agarwal as Director