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Grant to Shaktitiva Foundation

Grant to Shaktitiva Foundation

We are pleased to announce a $5000 grant to Shaktitiva Foundation by INDICA Inc, USA.

Shaktitva Foundation (SF) seeks to help women, realize the Shakti within, through outreach, advocacy and research based on Hindu Dharmika principles. SF studies the innate gender balance of native Hindu tradition and culture to decolonize the understanding of gender in contemporary Hindu society, its traditions and culture. We provide a safe space for Hindu women to discuss their issues relating to their gender and faith and the interplay between the two. SF works with the community to advocate frameworks and policies that reflect the perspectives of native Hindu women with the ultimate goal of defining a new praxis to understand the interplay of gender in Hindu social structures, traditions and society.

Currently, Shaktitva Foundation is running several initiatives around the themes of

  1. a) finding expression through the arts
  2. b) evaluating social initiatives through the lens of indigenous decoloniality and re-introducing culture-affinity in the language of social initiatives focussing on both urban and rural areas in the areas of:

i) Prevention of violence against women
ii) Reproductive health
iii) Indigenous ecofeminism
iv) Building community networks to develop global indigenous women’s network

SF is accepting collaboration proposals from storytellers, artists, scholars and researchers at this time. Interested in exploring potential collaborations, please write to

The following are the social Media handles :   

Commenting on the grant, Founder Hari Kiran ‘We have a multidimensional strategy of building ‘Centers of Excellence,  Transforming Intellectuals and Building an Ecosystem’. We are focussed on nurturing individuals through our ‘self, selfless and Self’ and building an ecosystem through ‘Connect, Cooperate and Collaborate’ frameworks. Through this grant we sought to encourage and enable Neha Srivatsava, a social entrepreneur of very high calibre and commitment to pursue her passion. By establishing a foundation for achieving her purpose, she also added another institution to the ecosystem.  Thus both our objectives were served through this grant. We wish her all the very best and look forward to actively engaging and supporting her future endeavours.

INDICA Inc is a not for profit company with an 501 (1) (3) exemption from IRS. The office bearers are

  1. Avatans Kumar as President,
  2. Hari Kiran Vadlamani as Secretary and
  3. Vishal Agarwal as Director